Sunday, November 27, 2016

5 months!

Baby girl,

You're 5 months old!

You weigh in at 15lbs 8oz and you are 27 inches long. You are wearing size 3 diapers and are in 6-9 month clothes.

We took you in for a stat check since you had lost a bit of weight when you started daycare. You're right on track so there are no worries there. You've been rolling on to your side, but still not wanting to really roll over. I mentioned this to the Dr. who sat you up and you pretty much did it on your own and balanced checked several times. Because you did so awesome at this she wasn't worried about you rolling. Guess what though? I took you home and you immediately rolled over you little stinker. You just had to hold out a bit didn't you?

You are able to grab things on the first try. Your favorite toy is a star shaped crinkly towel. It makes noise, squeaks, crinkles, and has all sorts of textures and things to chew on. You're also getting better at grabbing your paci and putting it into your mouth.

You love to talk and will just chatter on about things. You also have a great belly laugh. You really aren't much of a crier and will go days without me hearing you cry. Something really needs to be wrong.

You wake up so happy and I love seeing your little face pop up from the cosleeper each morning. You always have a big smile to greet me.

Love you baby girl.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

4 Months!

Baby Girl,

You're 4 months old! Technically we're pushing 5 months at this post, but it's the thought and love behind it right?

You're weighing in at 14lbs13oz and are 26.25 inches long. You lost about a pound your first week and a half of daycare with your whole refusal to eat. We thankfully tried all the bottles and finally found one that you like. I'm sure you'll make up for that missing pound in no time. You're also wearing 6 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

Aside from not wanting to eat at first you've adjusted really well to daycare. At the end of the month we had one more eval to check your progress with eating and everything else. You did awesome and are right on track with everything.

You really took off at the end of this month. You started babbling and cooing to us even more. You've started reaching and grabbing and if you're able to get whatever it is it goes straight into your mouth. Your face lights up when you see one of us, especially your brother. You've rolled from tummy to back twice though we've never seen you do it. We just find you not in the position we left you in. You also roll from your back onto your side, but haven't made it all the way to your tummy.

Happy 4 months baby girl!

Friday, September 23, 2016

3 months

Baby girl,

You're 3 months old!


You weigh in at 14lbs and are 24.5 inches long. You're wearing a mix of 3-6 month and 6 month clothing and are in size 2 diapers.

The end of this month brought a lot of changes. Mainly that I went back to work and you started daycare. You are refusing to take a bottle so we've got some work to do on that front. You are at least happy while there so it's making it just a little bit easier.

You've given us your first little laughs this month. I can't wait until full on belly laughs arrive to go along with you big happy grins.
You've started drooling a ton and blowing bubbles. You've even blow a few raspberries. You'll occasionally make faces back at us.


You have always been a pretty sturdy baby, but even more so this month. You hold your head up and love to be in a seated position. You get a kick out of doing baby "sit ups."

You're still a good sleeper, but due to not eating at daycare you're doing some reverse cycling. You're still a better sleeper than your brother was at this point so I'm grateful for that.


You still think your brother is the best and always have a smile for him. You especially love to laugh at him when he gets in trouble.

Happy 3 months baby girl!

Monday, August 15, 2016

2 Months!

Baby Girl,

You are 2 months old!


It's going by so fast already! You weigh in at 12 pounds 12 ounces and are 24.5 inches long. You're in size 1 diapers and are wearing 3-6 month sized clothes.

We had your lip and tongue ties revised this month. You rocked your lip revision like a champ, but decided to give the Dr. a tough time with your tongue. She said you clamped down and refused to open your mouth. She finally got you to open up and you've done well with your recovery. We're going to do some more work to get everything working like it should and I'm sure you'll do great.

You still think your brother and your daddy are hilarious. You love when they pump your legs and make fart sounds. You also laugh when we have to bust your brother. I'm sure the two of you will give us a run for our money as you get older.


You love up beat 90s music and rap. Not hardcore rap, but you get down with some No Diggity. You also like to be bounced and swung from side to side. You are an upright baby as well and don't really like when people hold you in a cradle position.

You are still not a fan of the car, but like when your brother gives you his fingers to suck on. you're otherwise really easy going and still enjoy your sleep. You usually only wake once at night, in the early morning, and then again around 7. You'd sleep til 9 or later if we didn't have to take your brother to school in the mornings. Just like your brother, you are not a morning baby.


You have found your hands and know you have feet, though you haven't seen as shocked by them as you were your hands. You smile more and more and have started to find your voice.

You continue to make us all smile every day.

Love you baby girl!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

1 Month

Baby Girl,


You're already a month old (well almost 2 by the time this is up).
You're such a sturdy little thing. You don't seem like a newborn, and it's probably because you're such a chunk a lunk. You are already up to 11lbs2oz and you're 23 inches long. You're in size 1 diapers and I'm already packing up the 0-3 months clothes since you only fit in them for a hot second.


You are nursing well though we found out you have tongue and lip ties that will need to be revised.
Your light brown hair sometimes seems like it's getting lighter, and sometimes seems like it may be a coppery red color. You still have those blue grey eyes, but they seem to be lighter than your brother's were. We're wondering if you may have ever light colored eyes, but it will be awhile before we know for sure.

You are an awesome sleeper. I joke it's my reward after your brother waking 5+ times a night for 2 years. You only wake about twice a night. You make transfers to the cosleeper easy though I often fall asleep first and you just sleep next to me.

You're a happy and easy going baby. You love your daddy's singing, hugs from big brother, and being outside. Dislikes - your car seat and monthly photos.


You are such a joy little girl. Your brother (and us) absolutely adore you, and we're so happy you are here.

Love you baby girl.

Friday, June 03, 2016

The lost pregnancy posts

As I work on writing squishy girl's birth story I thought I'd finally hit publish on a couple posts I wrote leading up to her arrival.

There were a lot of emotions leading up to her birth. I spent a lot of time talking to each of my midwives about my birth plan. I started to see an acupuncturist at the end of my pregnancy (who is also the amazing midwife that delivered Bud) and it helped to deal with my anxiety. Talking through it with her, my midwives, and a group I'm in with other women who have had an inversion really helped. So did writing these two posts which is why I decided to finally share them.

Squishy's birth story to come and spoiler alert, my uterus stayed put.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Final Pregnancy

At my 36 week appointment last week my midwife asked, "do you plan on having any more?"

From anyone else this would probably make any pregnant woman stabby. Like this one isn't even here and you're already asking if I want more? This came from one of my favorite midwives though, plus she's my healthcare provider so there's probably a lot behind that question - do you want your tubes tied if you have a C-Section, what type of birth control are you thinking of postpartum? I'm sure there are even more.

The truth is and what I told her is that I'm done.  This will be my second and final baby. Everyone assumes, oh it's because you've got a boy and a girl now, but that's the farthest from the truth. Two boys and I'd have been done. I've been lucky to once again have an uncomplicated pregnancy. Physically though? This one has been rough on my body. Round ligament pain started early on. Then I had this feeling that my pelvis was going to split in two that started in the 20ish weeks point. Not long after mid back and rib pain started. I was in physical therapy and have become best friends with my chiropractor. Seeing him weekly has been the only thing that has kept me mostly pain free. I keep ice packs on my crotch and for Valentine's day I bought myself the gift of bladder pads. Speaking of my dear old bladder, I've basically lost control of it. Having to pee in those tiny cups at my appointments is miserable. I joke that I'm basically like one of Pavlov's dogs, if I see a toilet I better be on it because I'm going to pee whether I want to or not. I can't fathom doing this again. I'm pretty sure my body would shut down if I even thought of having a third baby.

Aside from you know the cute snuggly baby I get from all of this, I'm most looking forward to not being pregnant anymore and finally getting my bladder prolapse repaired. I'm not sure exactly when I'll do it, but being able to at least catch my two year old, sneeze, cough, and maybe even jump without peeing myself is pretty damn exciting. Plus I will likely opt to have a hysterectomy with the procedure (higher success rate for long term with the bladder repair), which means no more periods. Who wouldn't be excited about that?

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