Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Final Pregnancy

At my 36 week appointment last week my midwife asked, "do you plan on having any more?"

From anyone else this would probably make any pregnant woman stabby. Like this one isn't even here and you're already asking if I want more? This came from one of my favorite midwives though, plus she's my healthcare provider so there's probably a lot behind that question - do you want your tubes tied if you have a C-Section, what type of birth control are you thinking of postpartum? I'm sure there are even more.

The truth is and what I told her is that I'm done.  This will be my second and final baby. Everyone assumes, oh it's because you've got a boy and a girl now, but that's the farthest from the truth. Two boys and I'd have been done. I've been lucky to once again have an uncomplicated pregnancy. Physically though? This one has been rough on my body. Round ligament pain started early on. Then I had this feeling that my pelvis was going to split in two that started in the 20ish weeks point. Not long after mid back and rib pain started. I was in physical therapy and have become best friends with my chiropractor. Seeing him weekly has been the only thing that has kept me mostly pain free. I keep ice packs on my crotch and for Valentine's day I bought myself the gift of bladder pads. Speaking of my dear old bladder, I've basically lost control of it. Having to pee in those tiny cups at my appointments is miserable. I joke that I'm basically like one of Pavlov's dogs, if I see a toilet I better be on it because I'm going to pee whether I want to or not. I can't fathom doing this again. I'm pretty sure my body would shut down if I even thought of having a third baby.

Aside from you know the cute snuggly baby I get from all of this, I'm most looking forward to not being pregnant anymore and finally getting my bladder prolapse repaired. I'm not sure exactly when I'll do it, but being able to at least catch my two year old, sneeze, cough, and maybe even jump without peeing myself is pretty damn exciting. Plus I will likely opt to have a hysterectomy with the procedure (higher success rate for long term with the bladder repair), which means no more periods. Who wouldn't be excited about that?

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