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Why You Should Pass on Le Tote Subscription Service

So back in August I decided to try out this subscription service called Le Tote. The concept is that you create your closet full of items that you like, then your stylist picks 5 items - 3 clothing pieces and 2 accessories and sends them to you. You can wear them, purchase the item and keep it if you like it, or return it. No washing on your end either! You would receive as many boxes as you could during a 1 month time frame. The idea of getting to try some new things and not have to do additional laundry was really appealing to me. Plus I waited so long on deciding they kept sending me percentage off offers so I only spent about $30 for their $60 a month subscription service.

My first box was ok.

I think I didn't wear the gold necklace because I had nothing to go with it. The pink sweater was about 2 sizes too small and turned out to be SUPER itchy.

My second box was a complete failure.

I couldn't get either of the black shirts over my boobs. The bag was "meh," and while the blue shirt fit it was crappy quality and had weird leather shoulders. I realized I needed to do better at looking at the picture details from that one. I sent this box back the next day.

As soon as I rated all of the second boxes items poorly I immediately had an email from Le Tote telling me they were working on it and they would include an extra item in my next tote to make up for it. I was impressed by their customer service at least.

Here was my 3rd tote.

I debated keeping the green sweater, but could tell the quality wasn't great and that it would pill quickly. The green tank was nice, but kind of expensive for a tank top (you get a slight discount on purchases). I didn't wear the scarf because it was way too hot in Texas at that time and didn't use the purse because I'm too lazy to switch bags. I kept the blue necklace. It was my ONLY purchase and has actually become a favorite. The aqua shirt was a huge miss. It was this weird faux wrap what just did not work for me at all. I again made note to take a closer look at the pictures.

My final tote that month was a hit aside from the pink shirt. It had a few tiny holes and a couple of spots on it where something had bled onto it. I actually debated purchasing everything else in here, but decided the pricing was a bit more than I wanted to spend.

I decided to go ahead and do another month because this last box was so great. If only I had known what was to come.

The next box had some things I didn't quite like. I think one was a jean cropped vest. Who the hell wears jean vests anymore? I know I switched it out and something else. Well it turns out that neither of those items were available so they subbed in two items in their place. You basically get an email upon shipping telling you this and they throw in an extra item for you. Except what they don't tell you is that you only get 1 extra per tote. So I had purchased an item (there's a lag of 1 tote) so I already had an extra item coming. So much for the bonus.

The green top was really cute and I debated keeping it. It was more emerald color in real life which I loved. The tunic (one of the substitutions) was really nice as well, but a little big. The other items were all ok, the scarf wasn't quite the same colors as pictured, but the kicker was the red sweater which was another sub. It was awful. It was also orange and not that tomatoey red pictured here.

When you create your profile you put styles you like, things you don't, colors you don't want to receive. Orange items, dresses, and rings were all on my no list. In this box they sent me an ugly (there was weird ruching on the sleeves and the back) orange sweater. Not cool guys. Everything else in here was alright though so I wasn't that upset.

Then my next box came.

You're probably thinking, Faith you're crazy. Look how cute it all is. It was. At least until you had the items in had. The first shirt was such poor quality. It was this super faded t-shirt material. Nothing like pictured. It was also too big. The blue sweater was two sizes too big. The necklace I had gotten before and liked. The blue shirt? Too small. The other necklace was ok, but goes with nothing I own. I had hoped to pair it with the items in the box, but seeing as how none of them fit, that wasn't happening. Then that last one. Do you know what it is? It's kind of hard to tell. It was a substitution to the box. It's an ORANGE DRESS. Yep. A combo of 2 of the 3 things I had specifically not asked for. This box went right back into the mail.

I again received an email saying sorry we messed up. I explained that I was really unhappy with the service with the following email:

At this point I'd actually just like a refund. I asked for no orange in my boxes and this is the second time in a row I've received it. I also asked for no dresses and I received an orange dress of all things. The sizing I've received has been all over the place. I got a stained item with holes in it. Yes, customer service has been great in dealing with all these things, but receiving a free item in my next box just isn't cutting it. Especially when one item is something I would have never agreed to, but I only got it because what I wanted wasn't available. Then another item doesn't fit. So I'm left with 1 maybe 2 that I only kind of like.

The response I received was an apology and an extension of my subscription for another 10 days. I was told if I wanted a refund I'd need to call.

Life happened, I couldn't call, and I thought what the hell. One more chance before I'm done. I received the following.

Again, they all look cute right? I've even gotten the green tank before and liked it. That scarf was super cute, and it was finally in the upper 70s around here. I could probably wear it. Except for one thing. These clothes REEKED. I'm not one that is very sensitive to smells either. I opened this box and was immediately hit with the smell of whatever these had been washed in. I packed them all back up and sent them on their merry way.

I immediately sent the following email:

I had decided to give it one more chance, and the clothes I received were alright, but they REEKED of whatever it was they were washed in. I'm still extremely unhappy and will be calling to request a full refund. Unfortunately the rating system that is used does not allow for any verbal type of feedback.

I received the following response:

Hi Faith,
Thank you for following up, and for giving us another go! We look forward to sending a new tote your way, and to make this up to you!
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to ensure that your experience with us is nothing but perfect. Have a great day!
LE TOTE, Customer Loyalty
Hey Paige? Do you even read? I received a questionairre the next day or two wanting to know how the service was regarding my email. I pointed out that Paige obviously can't read and still would like a refund. 
I went online and put my subscription on hold because I did not want to deal with another charge. When I finally called to ask for a refund I was told no because I had received 4 boxes that month. Umm....well, it was actually 3. Seeing as how you can't read I'm not surprised you can't count either. I pointed out that with my final two boxes I didn't even wear a single item in there, but no. Sorry. We can't refund you, but I'm happy to cancel your subscription. I thanked her for wasting my $60 and hung up.
Thinking about Le Tote? Well I'd think again. Save your $60 and buy something you'd actually like.


  1. That's one of the reasons why I don't subscribe to any kind of box services; you just never know what you'll get and if the quality will be any good! That's too bad that you had a bad experience with this company. Boo!

  2. Clothes shopping is a huge part of the reason I'm happy to have a penis -- I treat it like a chore that needs to be done. I need x for y, and I have nothing to spend on it, so I'll go to the thrift store & find something that might work. And then I'll cringe until the next time I have to deal with it.

    I actually get stressed at Christmas because I know I'm getting clothing from my mom (she sees it as her duty). It's not that I don't want the clothing -- but, in my head, I feel the need to "have a purpose" for everything I have, which means I wake up all groggy on a winter morning & have to think.

    1. My husband is the same way. He'll wear something until it's almost falling apart. When it comes to buying something new he just wants to get in and get out. He's not trying anything on either.

      I HATE getting clothing items from people. I've gotten very few things that I actually like. Just give me a gift card and we'll call it a day.


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