Tuesday, October 28, 2014

14 month update

I get asked a lot if I'm going to continue doing updates on you Bud. Considering that this is the closest you'll ever get to a baby book, yes. I plan to. Probably not with as much frequency, especially since we would have technically missed a month.

Since you're first birthday a lot has gone on:

You took your first plane trip and pretty much rocked it. Everyone commented on how cute and good you were. I'm sure they were happy about it because it turns out half our flight out was on the same flight with us back.

You took your first major trip - to San Francisco and Sonoma.

San Francisco & Sonoma

You now have a total of 11 teeth. That's 5 teeth in 2 months dude. I'd like a repreve on that and I'm sure you would too.

Your vocabulary has grown. A few of your new words:
Uh Oh (it's a favorite)
More (you also sign for more)

You also took off running after your first birthday. You are always on the go. You can even walk up and down steps if you hold onto the wall.

You give people high fives, pounds, and blow kisses. You also wave Hi and Bye Bye to people.

You love to explore. You will wander the backyard, chasing chickens, closing up their coop, and picking up acorns. Every time we leave the house or come home you are walking to the neighbors yard to chase deer or to say hi to their doggie.


You have gotten so great at following directions and I really thank daycare for that. You help pick up toys, you wipe your hands, you blow your nose, you know when it's time to go and will head to the door. If I move to slow you bang on the door to let me know to hurry up. You will come when we call you, unless you're being mischievous which is really about half of the time.

You are also a great eater. You pretty much eat anything though it's funny when you sometimes refuse typical kids foods. You were so mad at us for giving you hot dogs and french fries the other night. The dogs pretty much ate everything on your plate. You can eat with a fork and are really good at stabbing your food and putting it in your mouth. We didn't know you had learned this at school and were shocked at how good you were at home. You still have a preference for fruit over any other food.

You went to your first Trunk or Treat and you were a pro:


Other stats - you weigh in around 23.5 pounds. I have no idea how tall you are because you won't sit still long enough. You are wearing 18-24 month clothes and the regular 18 month clothes are getting a little snug. You wear a size 5 in shoes.

Happy 14 months Bud!

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