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12 Months Old!


You're 12 months old!

12 Months

I know I say something about it every month, but I honestly couldn't tell you where this year has gone. This has been the fastest year to have ever gone by. It's had it's ups and downs, and we've had our good and bad moments, but we all survived. More than that, we all thrived together.

Stats-wise you weigh in at 22 pounds 2 ounces and you are 30.5 inches long. You're wearing 12-18 month and 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers. You have 6 teeth and 2 molars that are taking their time in making their appearance. These pictures were also near impossible to take this month. I had to employ your dad's assistance and no amount of bribing or promising that you have ensured that any future siblings will not have to endure this type of monthly torture would persuade you to sit still for a minute.

This month your personality really started to shine. You are energetic, but yet so chill. You really have such an easy laid back personality, but once you are going, you're going! You are starting to walk more and more, I think the most steps you've taken at once is around 12, but you're trying harder and harder to walk more. You get such a proud look on your face whenever you accomplish anything new and take more than a few steps. We love to see you accomplish these things and love that you recognize your own development.

While it's technically after this update, on your first birthday you decided to take off walking and have been running around ever since. You kind of look like a mix of the Marshmallow Man and Frankenstein, but it's pretty adorable to watch. You'll follow us around the house, but usually show up a little late.

12 Months

You're also such a little cheeseball. You think you are hilarious and find both of us to be as well. We love to come up with new little games to play with you - like daddy hiding his hand under the sheets and trying to get you. We recently added in a slap your hands game where you try to get my hand before you move it away. Again, you find this highly amusing.

One of your current obsessions is putting things onto your head. You're finally letting us put hats on you for more than 1 second. We're up to about 5 seconds, but you have to start somewhere. You love to take hats off other people's heads, put them on you, and then back on them. You like blanket forts and more than once I have found you putting clothes and blankets over your head when I'm trying to sort laundry.

You have also started pointing at things. It really started with daddy doing the whole "I'm watching you" bit with two fingers pointing at his eyes and then pointing at you. You think this game is hilarious, but then will point back. In no time I'm sure you're start pointing to things you want.

You love to have us read to you. Your dad and I both have a rule that we will stop what we are doing and read to you if you bring us a book. You definitely have favorites - Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? From Head to Toe, and Baby Mickey Finds a Friend. Now if we could just get you to stop from chewing up all your books we'd be set.

12 Months

This month you moved to a new classroom at school. I was so nervous for you. I probably freaked out much more than I should have (ok I did), but you handled it like a champ! Suddenly you became this little person that slept on a mat for 2 and a half hours (average was 30 minutes before) and sat at a table to eat food. Your teachers all said you handled the transition the best and again, your laid back personality has shined through in that room.

You're talking more and more, mostly just babble, but you will babble back to us. You will say bye bye, mama, dada, ok, yeah, that, and ball. Gigigi is also your form of cussing at us. We know you're unhappy with us or about something when you let out a string of gigigigi-s. We're working really hard on book since you love to read with us. You also know, or I should say have your own versions of milk, all done, and more in sign language.

For a full recap of this year:

You grew 10.5 inches
You gained 14 pounds and 9 ounces
You are walking
You say 7 words
Your eyes still have a greyish hue to them, but are turning more brown
You are still breastfeeding
You still cosleep
You have 6 teeth
Your favorite foods are peaches, strawberries, and blueberries. I'd also put cheese and yogurt in there.
You love the dogs despite their lack of interest in you
You love music and will dance and drum
You have 5 grandparents and got to meet your 1 great-grandpa
You have 7 aunts and uncles and 7 cousins (and 1 on the way)
You love to have us read to you
You think you're pretty awesome and hilarious - we think so too

Happy first birthday Bud. I can't wait to see what this next year has in store for us.

Love you.

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  1. You must be mistaken...there is no way he is 12 months already!

    I'm glad to hear his transition went really well. I know how anxious you were about it.


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