Friday, July 11, 2014

The Beating that is Monthly Photos

I remember the first time I decided to do the monthly photos and a much wiser mom said to me, "you'll eventually hate doing these." Little first time mom that didn't know any better me thought, "Uh huh sure. Everyone does them. They can't be that bad." Boy was I wrong and was she ever right! 9 months was a bitch man. 10 went slightly better, but I think it's because I pretty much gave up and just let him do his thing.

I wish for 5 months. 5 months was such a good time. I had so many different pictures to choose from. He just laid there and laughed at me the whole time.

Out Takes

Out Takes

Out Takes

Each month it became a little bit harder, but I still had good pictures to choose from. Then 9 months came. Man. 9 months was a doozy.

Doesn't this face just spell trouble?

Out Takes

He was nearly impossible to entertain. Give me the monkey! I've got the monkey! Where's my monkey? MON-KEEEEEEY!

9 months

I'm done!

Out Takes

10 months went slightly better. I was able to get some decent-ish photos that I put on his monthly update, but I got a few other cute ones since I just decided to have fun with it.

10 months

10 months

Maybe for the next one I just won't try so hard.


  1. For Isla's I remember that by the end of it, it was sit her down, quickly take as many photos as I could, and pray to god that one of them was in focus and she was looking so I could use it for her book.

    Babies are so much easier when they can sit up on their own but not do much else. But at least you have such a good story to go along with Bud's pics, and you'll be able to tell him how much of a hurricane he was!

    1. I find myself doing the same thing. My biggest issue is that he HATES being on his back now. Never doing laying down pictures ever again.

  2. I guess this is kinda like a metaphor for motherhood at large, right? Things don't always go the way we expect. But, in the end, we probably wouldn't have it any other way. :)


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