Wednesday, July 30, 2014

11 months old!


You're 11 months old!

11 Months

If I could pause time I would. I cannot believe that next month I will be writing your 12 month update, and we will be celebrating your first birthday. You're at this really fun stage where yes you're into EVERYTHING, but you're also discovering new things. Your dad and I have so much fun watching you process and discover new things. You definitely have a "thinking" face that you make.

You weigh in at 22 pounds and you are 29ish inches long. You wouldn't lay still for me to measure you properly so it's really just a guess. You're almost out of 12 month clothes and are wearing 12-18 and 18 month clothes. You wear size 4 diapers. You still have just the 6 teeth, and I'm enjoying a tiny break from teething at the moment. I think you're going to have more popping through at any minute though.

11 Months

You started this month cruising around on things. You got pretty good at transferring between objects so you could pretty much get anywhere as long as there are enough objects. Then you started standing on your own without assistance. You'd be sitting one minute, standing the next, and you can hold your balance really well. Just two days before you turned 11 months you finally took your first steps. Well, technically, you did it on a Friday when I picked you up from daycare. You took 2 steps but I didn't want to tell daddy about it because he wasn't there. Your teacher and I cheered you on though. I thought for sure you'd do it over the weekend, but you held out until Tuesday night to show daddy. You took 3 steps for us, but again you're refusing to repeat it for us so we can catch it on video.

You have become a drummer. You have two sets of drum sticks in different parts of the house and will crawl around with them and just beat on everything you can. If daddy and your cousins are playing guitar, you're beating away with those drum sticks. You turn pretty much everything into a drum. You've gotten pretty good at it and will even repeat patterns that we drum out for you.

11 Months

You learned a few new words this month, one of which is Debora. Debora is one of your teachers at school. You started saying it first and now your two buddies all say Debora with you. It's funny to see the three of you all yelling, "Debora!" You also say ball and will identify any ball. I think it's the first word where you have really learned the meaning and you say it very deliberately. You still say mama, dada, and bye bye. I think you also say the words yeah, huh, and sometimes ok.

You love food, especially yogurt. You go crazy any time you see me start to make you a yogurt pouch. Yogurt is probably the only soft or baby like food you've had. Otherwise you pretty much just eat what we do. You eat just anything and get upset if we eat something and don't share with you. You could have just nursed and still want our food. If we could only stop you from rubbing messy foods into your hair we'd be set. Oh, and eating cardboard. I'd love it if you laid off the paper products.

Happy 11 months Bud!

Love you.

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