Tuesday, July 01, 2014

10 Months Old!


You're 10 months old!

10 months

If anyone asks me that you're going to be 12 months in just a short while I am in complete denial about it. I cannot believe how quickly your first year is going by.

You weigh in an 21.6 pounds and you're 29 inches long (for real this time). You're mostly wearing 12-18 month clothes, but there are still a few 12 months that you fit into.

You have a total of 6 teeth now. Overnight you cut your front two teeth and your right canine. It was so cute having a one fanged vampire baby for a short while.

You have started to wave at strangers. Sometimes it takes a little prompting. I was wearing you at a restaurant in the ring sling (ok, it was a bar) and you waved at everyone we walked past. You will also occasionally say Bye Bye. If you're not too busy eating when I drop you off at daycare you'll also wave bye bye to me. You still love to clap and will do it a lot when you're tired.

10 months

You are crawling all over the place. You can navigate steps like they're no big deal so we're constantly closing them to keep you contained. The dog food and water bowls also have become fun toys for you. You pretty much make a beeline for them whenever you can. You know right away when daddy gets home in the evenings and will crawl from wherever we are to go find him. You are pretty much after anything you want, whether it's food (usually mine), some object that you saw across the room (usually a leaf or some other thing you shouldn't have in your mouth), and have even tried to crawl into the shower with me in the mornings.

This month you started pulling up. It doesn't matter if it's a chair, cabinet door, a window, sliding glass door or even our pant legs. You have figured out how to get up. A few times you've even let go which I'm just not ready for. We are helping you balance a little more and I like to call our game "Trust Fall." You balance, I let go, and then catch you whichever way you go. You think it's a hilarious game.

You will walk with us if we hold your hands and have started going farther distances. I bought you one of those toys that you can hold on to and walk with. In just a few days you were crawling over to it, pulling up on your own and taking it for a spin around the sunroom. You still haven't learned to turn yourself and I'm often getting you out of a corner.

10 months

Aside from Bye Bye you haven't really added any new words. You say mama quite a bit and have said actual dadas a few times. Your teachers are doing baby sign language with you at school and your dad and I need to get better at doing it with you. I try to do milk and all you do is laugh at me. It is a pretty funny sign I guess.

One of your favorite things is to blow raspberries on me, especially when you should be going to bed. You think it's hilarious to blow them on my tummy, my leg, my chest, pretty much anywhere you can plant your face. You'll even do it on the back of my neck when I'm wearing you on my back. You've always thought it was funny when we did it to you so I guess you're paying us back.

You love to dance and you love when daddy sings to you or plays guitar with you. The two of you will also sometimes play the keyboard. You and I have started a Huh game with eachother. Usually in the morning when you just wake up or sometimes in the car we just go "huh" and the other repeats it. You've also snorted a few times when laughing and think it's hilarious when we do it back to you.

Love you Bud.

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