Monday, June 09, 2014

Who Does Bud Really Look Like?

Ever since Bud was born I have thought that he was the perfect mix of John and I. Well, I take it back, as a newborn I kind of wondered how he didn't look like either one of us. I was glad he didn't look like one of my brothers since my niece looked just like me when she was born, and I thought it was creepy that my brother and his wife made me. She now looks just like her mom, but it was weird. As Bud's gotten older I have still thought he's a good mix of us both, but his expressions are totally John's.

If you were to ask my coworkers they say he looks like John. Daycare says he looks like me. We get a mixed review from friends. I generally just shrug and say, "he's a good mix of us both."

Then I asked my mom to send me a picture of myself around 3-6 months. She threw in one of me around 10 months (she thinks) just for fun. I'm totally going to ruin these comparison shots by saying this, but it was like I was looking at my own baby! I've never seen so much of myself in him until last night.

You're still welcome to weigh in your opinions, but Bud totally looks like me! In John's defense he suffered from being the 3rd child so there are almost no pictures of him. In fact when I asked for his newborn picture when we came home from the hospital, his mother brought me a picture of his brother. Yeah, poor John.

Newborn Faith on the left, 1 day old Bud in the middle, and as close as we're getting for newborn John on the right.

Newborn Comparison

3 month old Faith on the left, 3 month old Bud in the middle, and best guess for John on the right.

3 Months Comparison

Bud and I both masted "resting bitch face" at a very early age.

John and I are both a bit older than Bud in this last set. My mom thinks I'm 10 months, Bud is almost 9, and John looks to be around a year maybe.

9 month comparison

Thoughts? Have you ever thought you baby looked like you or your spouse only to be proven wrong by pictures?


  1. Bud looks so much like you, especially in the second set of photos!!

    I wish I had more photos of Kyle when he was a baby (I only have one), but Isla definitely looks like me. She's way cuter though, haha.

  2. I'd say that Bud started out much more like you, but Jon is shining through more & more as he ages.

    1. It's the hair! The two of them have the same hair and it distracts.

  3. I agree with my husband. But ultimately, I think he is a good mix. I love it when people think CJ, the adopted kid, looks like John.
    And Leila is my head stuck on a Batzer body.


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