Monday, April 14, 2014

First Haircut!

At just over 7 months it was time to actually cut your precious newborn hair. It was getting a little unruly and the hawk was floppy at best. In fact it was a little Flock of Seagulls (you'll have to Google that and will think mommy is so old).

1st haircut

We debated for a long time on where to take you. Do we take your to mom's hair stylist? With dad to Sports Clips? Do we go to one of those overpriced kids places? In the end we took you to an old school barber shop.


The lady did such a good job with you and you were a real champ the whole time.

1st Haircut

The end result was a little shorter than I expected.


Daddy in return styled it into your signature hawk when we got home though.




  1. So stylish, and I love Bud's little mohawk! Sometimes I wish Isla was a boy so I'd have some idea of what to do with it. Short hair would be so much easier to deal with - her long, crazy hair is unruly!

    1. I love Isla's hair! Probably because I don't have to so it! I think the hardest part with a girl is bangs vs no bangs. Bangs are adorable but have to be maintained or they take things into their own hands. At least my niece does!


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