Wednesday, December 04, 2013

3 Months Old!


You're 3 months old!

3 Months

This post is a few weeks late, Thanksgiving was upon us, and then I had to go back to work.

You're weighing in now at just over 14 pounds. I picked you up one morning and you were just so heavy! You're not a super chunk, but you are a solid little boy. I think you're almost 25 inches long now, but you're usually too wiggly for me to get a proper measurement. You're in size two diapers and wearing 3-6 month clothes. There are still some 0-3s that you fit in and you can wear some 6 months, especially if they're pants. You have such long legs and arms like me so I think finding clothes that are long enough will be a battle that we'll share together.

You have started to smile and laugh so much this month. I love to just sit with you and we just smile and giggle at each other. You have two little dimples that are starting to appear more frequently and they go great with you big gummy smile. You won't let me take a picture of you smiling anymore though. You could be laughing and smiling away and the second I pull out my phone (or even the real camera) to catch a picture you go straight poker face on me. You have a great poker face too and have eyes that you can just get lost in.

Speaking of your eyes we're still waiting to see what color they are. Sometimes they look so blue, other times a little green, and even grey.

3 Months

You have gotten great at holding your head up. You don't need a ton of support when we hold you upright. You love to sit and watch TV (it's really just the lights) and to stand. You pretty much always want us to hold you in a standing position. You've almost gotten to the point to where you can hold yourself up if we support you. You get such a kick when you're laying on your back and then I help you go from sitting to standing. You're so proud of yourself when you do this and just smile and laugh. You also like it when I lift you up over my head and do SUPER BABY! You will almost always calm down when I do this though lately I have to be carefully of you drooling on me from up there!

You're getting really close to rolling over. You can do it from your back to your belly sometimes, but I'm not sure if it's really intentional or not. When you're on your belly though you can hold your legs and your head up so well! You do an awesome cobra move. You've started pushing up with your fists and tilting to one side. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon!

3 Months

You've also found your fingers and will suck away at them. Or your fist. Or my finger. Or my wrist. I don't think you know how to actually get your fingers in your mouth, they just find their way there and you get all excited about it, then you cry when you discover they're not there any more. You've also recently discovered your feet, but haven't figured out that toes are also good to suck on. You do love it when I "kick" you in the face with your feet. I'll roll you up and ask, "Why are you kicking yourself?" I'm like the big brother you won't even have! You get such a good laugh out of it though.

You're just growing up so fast. I'm so sad to leave you to go back to work, but I know that we will both be just fine. I've loved every single minute I've spent with you at home and I wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world.

Love you Bud.


  1. awwww, soo sweet! i miss mine being so small. guess it's time for another one ;) happy late 3 month bday bud!

  2. He is seriously the cutest! He may be a younger, but I will have no issue setting Bud and Isla up on a date ;)

  3. Oh my gosh we need to get together so I can cuddle your sweet boy.


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