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Postpartum Recovery

I've had this post written in my head for awhile, but have been waiting for my 6 week follow up appointment with my midwife to do so. Really it was at almost 8 weeks and happened last week. I just had to go back due to some pain I'm still having, and tomorrow I meet with one of the OBs in the practice. The pain seems localized, but she's going to try to pinpoint it and then will give me a steroid shot. Yes. A shot. Up my hoo-ha. Ow doesn't begin to cover it. If that solves it then we're good. If not then we'll have to do further testing. It seems to be located near my pelvic bone in an area that went under a lot of manipulation both during delivery and when they we shoving my lady parts back into place.

I won't lie that recovery for me has been hard. I mean, having your uterus fall out as part of delivery is really not easy, but had I just had a normal delivery I still had a 3rd degree tear to deal with. Here are a few things I tried to do to make things easier once I got home. It's not just about prepping for the baby, you need to prep for yourself.

Before we left the hospital I forgot to ask for another dose of pain medicine. We had to move rooms on our last morning (they were renovating some of the rooms) and then we thought we were going to be home a lot earlier than planned, and I just kind of forgot. If you're in pain - don't forget! We dropped my prescriptions off on the way home and then John left again to go pick them up. I was pretty much dying by that time though so don't make my mistake.

If you've been prescribed pain medications or if you're even just taking ibuprofen be sure to keep yourself medicated. Don't try to be a hero. You've got enough to deal with that first week and shouldn't be in any type of pain while you're trying to deal with it. For me this included taking meds in the middle of the night while feeding Bud.

Take all the free stuff they send home with you. I stayed in labor and delivery overnight and took everything with me from there to the postpartum floor. I had a room stocked with everything I had taken with me so I pretty much had double. I also asked for extras of the mesh undies, tucks pads, and the dermoplast. I know some people HATE the mesh undies and the hospital pads, but I loved them. I wanted to cry when my stash of hospital pads ran out and I won't lie that I washed those mesh undies to extend their life.

The first thing I did when I got home was to make a station in the bathroom for myself. I had a stack of pads always ready to go, tucks pads, peri bottle, and dermoplast set up on the back of the toilet.


I had also bought pads beforehand. If there's something specific you need get it beforehand. You don't want to have to sit there on the phone with your husband having him describe the different pad options to you. I will say that my favorite pads were these overnight pads by Kotex. They were just about as long as the hospital ones. I've since graduated down to their regular long maxis but those overnight ones were perfect for the early days.

I set up my closet with easily accessible comfy clothing. For me this was shorts, tanks, nursing bras, and yoga pants.


My wonderful mesh panties also lived over there and I bought a huge pack of cheapie cotton undies that I didn't care about messing up beforehand as well.

I knew I'd be spending a big part of my day in bed so I made sure I had everything I needed nearby.


The teal box contained all my nursing supplies:
Bamboobies nursing pads - I LOVE THESE
Earth Mamma Nipple Butter - another all natural love and their baby lotion smells WONDERFUL. We also use their diaper rash cream.
Nursing cover - which I've never actually used, but bought in case visitors were coming by in the early days
Lilypadz - I don't use these as much, but love that I don't have to wear a nursing bra with these. Sometimes it feels nice to not have to wear a bra. They make my boobs look a little misshapen, but I think it has to do with the size of my boobs and I'm still in stretchy bras. I'm sure if I wore them with a more structured bra you wouldn't notice.
Water bottle - I'm always thirsty and it's important to keep up with your water intake when breastfeeding
Ipad, phone, and chargers
Kleenex, glasses (for me at least) and lotion - you'll need it with all the hand washing you'll be doing.
On the bottom of my night stand I have a book - I've never had time to read
and my breast pump - I've got an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra and so far it works great. We'll see how it does when I get back to work
I also have a hands free pumping bra - another favorite
Not pictured is a pen and note pad. This was so handy for the early days when I was scheduling mine and Bud's appointments and following up with insurance

Bud sleeps in a bassinet by our bed. Ours has a little shelf on the bottom that I've stocked with everything I need for him:


Swaddle Blankets - We were gifted 3 sets of Aden & Anise swaddles and I LOVE THEM. They are seriously the perfect size. Bud pretty much lived in nothing by one of these blankets and a diaper the first two weeks of his life.
Also down here are the flannel blankets I made, a few outfits, plenty of burp cloths, and an extra sleeve of diapers.
We also have two little trash cans nearby and take the trash out daily.

The middle of the bed we made into our changing station. Who wants to search around for diapers and wipes in the middle of the night? (Napping baby not included - don't ask how he got his feet free. Usually it's a hand.)


We have a little container with diapers, a package of wipes, a burp cloth or two, an extra pacifier (one is usually in the bassinet or on my night stand), and the remote - another thing you don't want to have to search for.

Bud is also napping on a waterproof bassinet sheet. One is obviously in the bassinet, but the extra is great for naps. You never have to worry about spit up, pee, or poop on your sheets. Well, you worry less than you would without it.

In those early days Bud would sometimes be up for hours at a time during the night or was just really fussy so we spent a lot of time in the nursery.


As big of a pain it was to find and eventually get that glider, it's probably my favorite baby purchase. It fully reclines and I've slept in it numerous times. I keep a blanket on it for when I get chilly.

I keep a few things nearby for when I'm stuck on the recliner for hours.


I had originally planned on putting a larger lamp in here, but have this little touch lamp that has three different lighting settings. It's SOOOO helpful and I love just having it on the dimmest setting.
Alarm clock - or really any clock. I don't use the alarm part, but it's easy to keep track of time, and feeding lengths when I'm in here. Plus in the early days I was never really hands free so I couldn't check the time on my phone.
Burp cloths - no explanation needed
My Breast Friend Pillow - I was given this by a friend and it's what I used in my early nursing days. It makes it so much easier to nurse and I still prefer it when I'm sitting. In bed I prefer to use my Boppy.
The top drawer of the dresser is full of diapers and the changing pad is right there for any late night diaper changes.

Obviously having lots of help is also great. John and I really wanted it to just be the three of us that first week. My mom came down the second week while John went back to work, and then he was home again the 3rd week. Around 5 weeks Bud wasn't sleeping and my mom came down again. John also took another week off somewhere in there. The more you can spread out your help the better. Don't turn help away - even if it's just to do a load of laundry or wash dishes for you. Also don't be afraid to ask for help! You will need it and you won't be failing at anything for asking or accepting.

Also, none of those links are affiliate links. I've tried and love all products mentioned.


  1. I didn't even think about what your recovery would be like after having your insides end up inside out on the OUTSIDE OF YOU. I'm glad it's steadily improving but I feel you on the mystery bone pain...I'm six months out from delivery and my tail bone is still messed up. Here's hoping you don't need a shot in your lady bits.

  2. A totally great list! It brings back a TON of memories. Some good, some not :) I absolutely loved those swaddles too.

  3. Love your list - I totally agree with everything! I was sooo skeptical of those mesh undies in L&D, but they were the best ever for after giving birth.

    There was so much stuff I didn't think to buy for after baby arrived, like the jumbo overnight pads and nipple cream. There were many trips to the pharmacy by my husband, and he gets major props for buying pads, nipple cream and Preparation H!

  4. This is a super helpful post for moms-to-be. No one tells you this stuff. Wait! You just did. This post should be bookmarked a million times. :)

  5. Wow! What a great list and great post - thank you! Wish I had come across this before our little was born in July... Also, just went to a GREAT class yesterday where the focus was on pelvic floor work and how to strengthen "down there" after birth. The woman who presented is a physical therapist who works with mamas who've had babies. She also works with mamas on "problem areas" and specifically mentioned localized pain "down there"... maybe something to look into in your city? Just wanted to offer the idea as an alternative :)

  6. Love your Post! Im Having a hard time finding a chair I want. It sounds like you experienced the same thing but found one you liked! Where did you find it??

    1. I found it at Bambi Baby. It was online at a few places - JC Penney and Wayfair are just two of them.


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