Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 26

Week 26

How far along: 26 Weeks

The bump: Frijole is SO LOW. Give my pelvis a break little man! Is it sad that I'd really take a kick in the ribs over how low and heavy he currently is?

How big is baby: From The Bump: The size of a head of lettuce! He's still growing in the 13.6- to 14.8-inch and 1.5- to 2.5-pound range, and developing his senses, features and talents! His eyes are forming, and his eyes will soon start to open. His eyelashes are now grown, too. He's getting his immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up your antibodies. He's taking breaths, too. They're of amniotic fluid, not air, but it's still good practice.

Weight gain/loss: I'm down 2 pounds this week for an overall weight gain of 14.3 pounds.

Stretch marks: We're up to three now. I'm sure there's a point in which I will just stop counting but these 3 are all front and center.

Sleep: Once I'm out I'm out. Thankfully.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Nothing special going on. Still all the things.

Movement: Tons and tons of movement. Sometimes to the point in which it's annoying - yeah, no one ever tells you how annoying it can sometimes get. I think it's really because of how low he is. I'm tired of my lady parts going numb from him trying to kick his way out!

Symptoms: Seriously, if there is one I think I'm going to get it. Bloody nose - check! Freckles that become moles - check! Stretch marks - check! Pregnancy mask - check! Cankles - check! Sciatic pain - check! I could go on, but it's getting depressing.

What I'm looking forward to: 3rd trimester - we're almost there!

How I'm feeling: In case this post isn't reflecting it, not so hot lately. I've had a few rough days pain wise and it's taking it's toll. I've been moody, hormonal, crying, and just overall not feeling so hot. My back pain has eased up a bit today, but one of my knees still hurts and my old man toe is causing some discomfort. I'm sure it's all because I'm about to go through another expansion and things are just loosening up, but it's still not very fun. Plus this is such a busy and stressful period at work. And if we didn't have enough going on we're tearing up the house to put in new floors. It seriously looks worse than when we moved in. Just about everything aside from our bedroom and one of the living rooms is currently shoved into the sun room. Half my kitchen is currently in my living room even. Can someone just wave a magic wand and have it all be over? I'd kill to just sit down with my feet propped up and eat bonbons all day. If only pregnancy was that glamorous!

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  1. You are adorable!!! And seriously making me miss my baby bump ;) I'm also in SA and just wanted to swing by and say hi!


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