Friday, May 24, 2013

Tap Tap Tap. This thing still on?

Well hello there! looking for something not pregnancy related? This post is sorta it I guess. Basically it's a what's been keeping me so dang busy post.

I've officially entered survival mode. Work is at it's absolute peak. If I can make it through these next two weeks I should be good. It's going to be absolutely crazy, but will hopefully soon be over. It just means nonstop work and many late nights.

Work has officially become the cause of the nonpregnancy related chunk of my exhaustion. Of course the other third is made up from stuff going on at the house.

Oh, you mean I haven't mentioned that we're redoing about 900 square feet of flooring, ripping out the baseboards, and painting two rooms? That is SO going on at our house currently. Basically my entire house aside from our bedroom and the living room are currently in the sun room. Even the fridge is out there. It's been interesting to say the least.

We are finally having the floors installed this weekend though so it'll all be over soon.

Really I should be giving John the majority of the credit for the house stuff. He's been the one ripping up the carpet, baseboards, painting, and doing most of the heavy lifting. I move the small stuff, try to sweep, and otherwise keep him fed and in a good mood while he's working. Survival mode y'all.

Nothing like tearing up your whole house while pregnant and during the busiest time of year at work right?

So that's what's been keeping me occupied lately. As soon as I don't feel like taking a nap right when I get home, I'll have more time to dedicate to this poor neglected space. I do good to get a weekly pregnancy update up so please bear with me. I promise I'll have more to say about more things very soon.

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