Thursday, May 02, 2013

Oyster Bake 2013

Fiesta came and went this year. We were so busy that we hardly noticed it. In fact, I think this is the first year that I only went to one event.

Oyster Bake had to be done and yes, I even worked the beer booth. This year though it was pretty much all about the food.

When you can't drink you eat! #FrijoleDoesOysterBake #fiesta #OysterBake

Although somehow John still managed to out eat me!

They've changed the set up of Oyster Bake with the addition of a new baseball stadium on the St. Mary's campus. I'm really not a fan as the event has lost it's continuity. Plus the booth we work is now the closest one to the main stage and it's just WAY TOO LOUD. I'm so glad we worked the early shift when just sound checks were going on!

We only did one circuit of the event, and just took our time doing it. John thought I could use some help climbing a hill.

From earlier today. John thought I could use a little help walking up the hill. #OysterBake #fiesta

Afterwards my friend Misty and I decided to go get pedicures. Gotta take care of the cankles!


Not our usual way of doing Oyster Bake, but still fun nonetheless!

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