Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Week 24

Week 24

A comparison from week 14. This was just before I popped at week 15. I was still in regular pants at week 14 too. I was obviously more awake when taking pictures at week 14!

Week 14 & 24

The bump: Frijole is definitely hanging out on the left side. I'm often jutting out just left of my belly button.

How far along: 24 Weeks - how on earth did I get here? Baby boy will be here in just 4 months.

How big is baby: From Everyday Family - The size of an ear of corn (or a cantaloupe from The Bump) Measuring around 12 inches long and weighing a little over 1 pound. In the coming weeks, your baby will continue to grow and mature at a fast rate, gaining about 6 ounces of weight a week. His brain is growing rapidly, and his taste buds are developing.
He is pretty lean at 24 weeks, but he'll soon be putting on some "baby fat" to fill out his frame and his wrinkled skin, which is due to the lack of subcutaneous fat. He has begun to develop white blood cells. These cells are responsible for fighting off disease and infection. His lungs develop branches this week, and his inner ear is completely developed. In fact, he has basic control over all of his senses: hearing, touch, taste, smell, and vision!

Weight gain/loss: I'm up 3.4 pounds this week for a total of 14 pounds gained.

Stretch marks: Just the one. I posted to Instagram that I should name it. Maybe that'll make it feel the need to not bring any friends to the party (at least just yet). I'm thinking Sal.

Sleep: Pretty good for now.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: The sweets cravings have subsided (some).

Movement: Lots going on. I swear sometimes he's trying to kick his way out of there which isn't the best feeling. He flipped back over after a very short stint head down, but he did try to kick my iPad off my belly last night. John was finally able to feel him kick, but said it really just felt like I had gas.

Symptoms: Still just the cankles. My hands have gotten a little puffy. I wasn't able to get a ring on this weekend, but I also think it had something to do with the heat and humidity in Houston.

Best moment of the week: This picture from my brothers wedding.


How I'm feeling: Still really good. Aside from puffiness I've been ok.


  1. That last picture is awesome! And you're looking great! Have you started shopping for more things now that you know it's a boy?

    1. Haha! Thanks! Yeah, the shopping has definitely started. Nothing too crazy though. I think he's got about 4 outfits plus a few more that others have bought. I also got all the nursery fabric. Now I'm just trying to decide on a crib.


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