Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Putting Blissdom into Words

Wow. It's been three days since Blissdom ended and just two day since I've gotten home. If I wasn't also trying to cram a week's worth (plus a day and a half from last week) of work into just two days I'm sure I would have hit a wall by now.

My roommate Sarah and I met at BlogHer last year and often found ourselves comparing the two over the course of Blissdom. While this post isn't going to be a comparison, I do want to say how much more low key I was about this conference, and how much more low key I found Blissdom to be. I didn't stress about a single thing. I didn't even look at the schedule until I arrived. I didn't feel like I was rushing only to have to wait forever. It was really blissful for me, pun intended. In a way I just let Blissdom happen to me, and to be honest, it was wonderful. I came back inspired, refreshed, and re-energized.

When I first decided to go to Blissdom I did look over the different tracks. I wasn't really sure which if any I wanted to focus on. I did think to myself, "Life Development! Ha! I don't need that touchy feely feel good stuff." You know what? I ended up in more of them than any others and I'm so glad that I did!

So here's what I learned while at Blissdom:

From Jon Acuff during his session and also his closing keynote:

You can't compare yourself to someone else's middle. We all start somewhere and it takes time to get there. Success at anything doesn't come overnight. As Jon said, "no one becomes a master overnight."


If you want support for your dream, the best place to start is by supporting someone else's. This one really hit home and is something I want to pass on. Give support to get support. It's so easy, but can easily be forgotten in the me, me, me world that we sometimes live in.

I absolutely loved Lisa Leonard's session. At all the sessions I attended we were given worksheets to fill out. I didn't complete any while I was there, rather discussed things at my table, and then kept the worksheets for food for thought. Let me tell you though, Lisa's was tough.


It really made you think about your posts. I left her session with a renewed sense of how I write. I've honestly been stuck lately. I've felt like I don't have much to put up here. I have a goal to post twice a week, which is a sad goal. One is a gimme with a weekly pregnancy update. Even with that it's sometimes still a struggle to find something to write. I love having a place to document my first pregnancy, but that's not what this blog is about, and it's not what I want to turn it into. Lisa really made it simple: When telling your story be authentic and honest. Each story should have a setting, conflict, and resolution. She gave fantastic examples of the simplicity of it, and I really hope to be able to apply it here.

From Jeff Goins' session I walked away with an affirmation that I was doing it right.


I write for myself. That's why I started this blog six years ago. I wanted to write for me. It was never about success or making money. Do I love seeing stats go up? Do I love seeing new comments, let alone ones from new readers? Of course I do! Who doesn't? We'd be lying if we said differently, but it's not why I'm here. I'm here because I love it. Does it mean that I sometimes hate it? Of course. Do I sometimes struggle with it? You bet I do. But you know what? It's my passion and that's why I'm here.


  1. That last paragraph is just one example of the many reasons I admire you so much, my Friend.

  2. I want to say ditto to your last paragraph. Maybe that's why I like hanging with you!

  3. This is an awesome recap! It was seriously great to spend a little bit of time with you at Blissdom Faith!

  4. I. Love. This.

    "I just let Blissdom happen to me, and to be honest, it was wonderful."

    1. Thank you! It really was. I'm still trying to take in everything I gained at Blissdom.


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