Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 15


The Bump: I think it was Wednesday this week that all the sudden I just popped! I think I'm turned a bit more in this picture than I usually am and it's making me look a little bit bigger than I am. I just happened to like how I looked in this one a bit better than the others I took. Sometimes it's the small things!

How far along: 15 Weeks

How big is baby: From the Bump - The size of a navel orange! The average fetus at 15 weeks weighs 2.5 ounces and measures 4 inches -- and her proportions are becoming even more normal, since her legs now outmeasure her arms. You probably can't feel it yet, but she's squirming a ton! She might even be hiccuping in there. She's making lots of progress: her joints and limbs can all move now.

Weight gain/loss: I'll have to come back and edit tomorrow because I forgot to weigh myself. I think I'm about a half to a pound above my prepregnancy weight.

Stretch marks: All over my thighs and butt! Seriously! What the heck? If I didn't know better I think that my nephew was right about where your food goes when there's a baby in your belly.

Sleep: Oh 6 am wakes ups. You are not my friend. Although 10 am naps aren't bad either.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: Milk shakes and McDonald's fries. Otherwise I'm trying to at least well. Like I totally had some carrot sticks with that pizza I ate last night!

Movement: I totally woke up yesterday morning swearing that I could feel these little flutters. I think it was really that I burned the crap out of my finger (giant blister on my fingertip) that night and when I woke up everything was still throbbing - and still kind of is.

What I'm loving: Finally having a little pregnant belly that doesn't look like I ate too many burritos.

Symptoms: I'm totally scared to type it, but things feel like they're lessening in the smell department. Or at least the smell aversion department. I can still smell all the things. Right now it's grapefruit I got at Bountiful Baskets this past weekend. My whole kitchen smells like grapefruit.

Best moment of the week: Twice I went out and had girl time and didn't feel like passing out at 8 pm. It was awesome having a bit of normalcy.

How I'm feeling: Again, hoping I'm not jinxing myself, but I'm feeling really good. I did want to punch my endocrinologist in the face when she told me she's dropping one of my meds and that I'd start feeling tired and fatigued from it. I've got a whole post I want to write up on pregnancy with hyperthyroidism post later this week.

Random things I didn't know/Problems/Questions: I'm so ready for that great pregnancy hair or skin. When does that kick in? Instead I've got fly aways, frizz, and more zits than I can count. Thanks hormones!


  1. You look AMAZING! I love your bump!!

  2. Wooooot, lookin' good mama!

  3. You look so great! I too loved it when I finally had a real bump and didn't just look like I'd eaten too many cheeseburgers.

  4. You definitely popped-lookin' good Momma!


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