Tuesday, February 05, 2013

12 Weeks

12 Weeks

Deciding that I'm going to change up this list each week depending on what's going on/how I feel.

How far along: 12 Weeks

How big is baby: From the Bump - Baby is now the size of a Plum! The average fetus at 12 weeks is about 2.1 inches long and .49 ounces. Most of her critical systems are fully formed. She's about to enter the growth and maturation stage, in which her organs and tissues will grow and develop rapidly. She's now developing her reflexes -- if you poke her body, she'll likely move. She's opening and closing her fingers and curling her toes, too. Her brain is developing fast!

Weight gain/loss: Down half a pound from my prepregnancy weight. Still courtesy of the stomach bug from last week.

Stretch marks: None yet.

Sleep: Starting to sleep better. I did wake up at 5 am the other day and could not fall back asleep. I think it had something to do with the giant critter that dropped onto and scurried across my roof.

Diet/Cravings/Aversions: I thought I was doing ok and then on Super Bowl Sunday I had the bright idea to to make deviled eggs and chicken fajitas for nachos. Thankfully I have wonderful friends that stepped in and finished all my food for me.

Movement: None and not expecting it for awhile still.

Symptoms: Still tired. Still have smell aversions. I also cry at EVERYTHING. I cried when I saw a funeral procession drive by. I cry reading even slightly happy or sad news stories. Hold me if a Hallmark commercial comes on. The need to pee every five seconds has subsided though. I've also noticed I can get a bit more testy than usual. I think my patience is starting to run thin, but it may have to do with exhaustion or hunger. Also, vivid dreams. Like whoa. I fell asleep the other night after watching a Law and Order where these two kids staged these fights and were hitting eachother with florescent lights. I serious woke up because of this pain in my side from this fake fight going on in my dream. Of course there as nothing there when I was awake, but holy crap it hurt in my dream. Note to self. Watching something like Magic Mike before bed. Waking up to Channing Tatum giving me a lap dance is so much better than getting hit by a florescent light.

Best moment of the week: Finding out two more friends are also pregnant. I'm surrounded by pregnant women now!

How I'm feeling: I still have a good day for every not so good day. Just when I think things are getting better the next day I feel like I've gotten hit by a mack truck.

Random things I didn't know/Problems/Questions: Ok. I need help with this one. Underwear. Mine keeps rolling down in the front. Do I buy smaller or more low cut? (Not that I'm wearing granny panties) Or do I need to invest in some big 'ol granny panties? I have no idea on this one and just don't feel like googling maternity underwear. I'm just not there yet.


  1. You look great!!

    And oh my word, the crying! I remember that with my first pregnancy. My mom told me about a Walmart commercial and I cried, haha I didn't even have to see it.

    As for the undies--try low rise. I never bought maternity underwear.

  2. You look FANTASTIC!

    Old Navy (online) has AWESOME pregnancy panties - that's what I used for both of my pregnancies.

  3. Even after baby - I still find that I cry at everything. Damn hormones!

    For underoos - I'd try something lower cut! I never bought pregnancy panties since I normally wear low-rise.

  4. Sounds like things are coming along nicely, momma! Weird side note: After my sister had her 2nd child and said she was done having babies, she told me she saved her maternity underwear for me. So there's that. ;)


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