Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I Never Knew About the First Trimester

How damn tired I would be all the time. As in multiple naps may be required to make it through the day tired.

Oh my god do my boobs hurt.

That I'd have to pee all the time.

Or about the paralyzing fear that you are going to pee yourself every time you cough or sneeze.

My hips! Oh how they hurt!

That no matter how hungry I may be, I will not be able to eat very much.

Eating too much basically means I'm up all night.

Do not even think about a food item or it will turn into MUST HAVE NOW.

Whatever happened to sleeping through the night?

How even though your Dr okayed you taking a medication seeing it listed as a "no" in one of those pregnancy books your husband brought home will still make you crazy.

While I knew it would happen, but just how annoying it can be when people try to make your pregnancy their pregnancy and will suddenly lose all boundaries.

How quickly perspective can change on things.

That even though I've been blessed with no morning sickness, my gag reflex is still on high alert.

The tears. How they can turn on over every little thing or for no reason whatsoever.

And I'm sure there are just more things to come.

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