Thursday, January 03, 2013

On Finding Out

I wrote this post on December 20th, the day I found out.

Yesterday I had the, “hmmmm…..I wonder if I should pee on a stick” feeling. I had also been having very normal “I’m going to start my period any second now” feelings for several days which is also totally normal for me. I ran out of birth control back in June, but it wasn’t until August that my good old friend decided to return. I had been tracking my periods on an app on my phone, but had you asked me, I would have said they were completely random. Yesterday I pulled the app up because I was supposed to have started, but hadn’t gotten anything. I went back and looked at the days and it turns out I’ve started on the 3rd or the 19th since August. So much for random!

So then came the girl math. If my cycles were more on the 45 day range than the 28 day range and you’re not really supposed to test until around the 4th day before you miss then that should be day 24 according to the “norm” so if I was at 45 then that was 3 weeks AFTER when you could get a result so surely if I peed on a stick then it should be right. Right? (Yes, girl math is a real thing and always a run on sentence.)

I decided to wait until the next day though just in case my period decided to show that night. It didn’t.

This morning I gave it a thought, but was like no, maybe the app is wrong. Maybe I should give it another day. Just as I was about to head out the door I decided, what the hell! Let’s just get this over with and went and peed on a stick. Except I swear I barely peed on the thing. I thought I had to go, but not so much. So I sat there and waited and watched the line slowly creep into the first oval, and thought, I guess it was just enough pee! So much for that heavy stream crap! Then it slowly creeped into the second oval and another big bright line appeared.

OH MY GOD. I guess the girl math was right because that was no itty bitty questionable line.

After a minute of internal holy crap, and, WAIT NO MORE SHINER CHEER!? I thought, how am I going to tell John! Can I keep this a secret until tonight? OH MY GOD.

I ran into the kitchen (it has better light) and quickly snapped a picture of the test.


I decided that looked boring so a made a little sign and took another (ok 5).


A tiny back story here. I bought this Star Wars picture frame forever ago. Maybe a year or more with the thought of it being a great way to tell John whenever we finally go around to having kids. Well on Monday night John decided it was time to get ALL THE BOXES OUT OF THE GARAGE. He wanted to be unpacked. Well that frame was in one of the boxes and he found it. He brings it in and says “I can’t believe you bought this and have been holding out on me!” He hugs it and says that he’s going to put a family picture in it. I replied that he should give it to me and that I’d put a picture in it.

Little did I know I’d have something to put in it so soon.


John's first response when I gave it to him that night? "Seriously?" Yes. Seriously. We're pregnant!

I even did the digital just for fun.


Yep. Seriously.



  1. So happy for you, and thank you for sharing. New babies (and first babies) are so exciting!

  2. I am so excited and love the way you told him. What a great gift to get around the holidays.

  3. How exciting!

  4. Congrats! I love the way you told him!

  5. YAY, YAY, YAY, YAY!!! Congratulations!!!

  6. So happy for you! Talk about a perfect frame! LOVE IT! Here is to a smooth next couple of months!

  7. Thanks Kim! Fingers crossed all continues to go well.

  8. John the HusbandJan 5, 2013, 9:42:00 AM

    Yeah, we are pretty much awesome at this baby thing so far. Seems pretty easy to me...

  9. jenniferalsoknownasthewifeJan 5, 2013, 8:21:00 PM

    Ahh!! Congratulations!

  10. Yeah, easy for you to say babe!

  11. It was a lot of fun telling people around Christmas. I'll have another post coming with how we told family.

  12. Your blog is darling! Congratulations!! Hopefully I can meet you at blissdom! Erin

  13. Thanks Erin! Hope to see you there too!


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