Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh yeah, the Holidays Happened

I haven't had a ton of energy lately. Horrible allergies going on around here on top of general first trimester yuck has not allowed me to do much other than lay in bed and nap. I'm not kidding, the other day I had to sit down while making dinner. It was a very sad day.

So now that I'm having a moment of I feel slightly ok, I bring you my holiday round up.

Aside from the tree, this was all the decorating we did for Christmas. It was bright and festive and now I think the house feels empty without it.


December would not be complete without a cookie exchange:


The nut table for those with allergies.


The food spread.


Christmas Eve my parents and grandpa arrived (the entire family would arrive the next day). John, my mom, grandpa and I went out to look at lights.



This house had lights timed to music. See the 20 second video below.


Christmas morning started off with John and I exchanging stockings while waiting for the rest of my family to arrive.

Teasing Reese:




Oh to be a small child and have a giant pile of presents:

To be a kid and have a giant mountain of presents.

My mom bought all of us these Red Neck Wine Glasses.


I think this is John's favorite present.


My mom told me about a chair that she has been wanting. Typical of my dad, he shows up and says he hasn't gotten her anything because she said she didn't want anything. I knew she didn't want anything because she wanted the rest of the furniture for the living room. I snuck away, and two Pier Ones later, had acquired the chair. The funny thing is that she passed by the wrapped chair multiple times and had no idea what it was.



To round out the holiday season we rang in the New Year at Karl and Julie's.


Getting ready for our local ball drop.

Happy New Years from us!

I'd normall say, "hope you all had a happy holiday season as well," but seeing as how I'm probably the last blogger out there to recap their Christmas, I already know the answer! So Happy New Year to you all!

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