Thursday, December 27, 2012

Conversations with my 6 year old Nephew

I’ve been sick for almost two weeks now. Allergies the first go around and then a cold the next. Add the holidays and I’m flat out exhausted. I have about a million and one posts to write, but in the meantime I’ll share conversations with my 6 year old nephew that I had over Christmas.

J: Knock knock
Me: Who’s there?
J: Boo
Me: Boo Who?
J: Why you crying? *dies laughing*

J: Knock knock
Me: Who’s there?
J: Poop
Me: Poop who?
J: Poop in your underwear!

Followed by 20 other poop and pee knock knock jokes.

J: So if a mommy has a baby in her belly how does she eat?
Me: (Oh I hope your parents have talked to you about this) Well, the baby is in a different part of the mommy’s belly. It’s not in her stomach.
J: Oh, like her legs.
Me: Uh. Yeah. Like her legs. (Whew)

J: *points to a movie on the Red Box* You can buy me that movie for my birthday.
Me: You just had your birthday. It’s going to be a whole year until your next one.
J: Well you can buy it for me before then.
Me: Oh I can?
J: Yeah. What you do is get the case and make sure it has the CD in it and then you can drive to my house and I’ll look for you out the window and then I’ll come outside and get it!

J: Ok, there are some rules about hanging out with me. The first one is that you can’t make me fall. (That’s as far as we got so I’m not sure what the other rules are)

J: * gets up to walk around the table to me*
His mom & dad: Where are you going? Go and sit down.
J: *sad pouty face* I wanted to tell her something
Me: What were you going to tell me that you couldn’t tell me from over there?
J: I was going to say that you are really beautiful.
Me: *heart melts*


  1. Hi Faith! I've been sick for two weeks as well! Bronchitis! Love this post and hope you feel better!

  2. hahahaha oh nieces/nephews are just *precious* aren't they? We spent 4 days with my 5yo & 2yo nieces. Mike was about ready to swear off having kids by the last day...

    I hope you're feeling better & Best wishes for 2013!!

  3. I think everyone I know was sick over Christmas. No fun at all!

  4. They're so much fun. John was tired of my niece's high pitched little girl scream by the end of the day. :)


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