Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Going to Need Some Sage

This weekend there was an estate sale at the house we're buying. We went to check it out, spend some more time in the house, and let friends and family see it. We did buy stuff too like some old records and this chair. Anyone know how to reupholster?


While there we met one of our new neighbors and the trustee of the estate. Since we're purchasing an estate there are no disclosures on the home, so it was great to hear about the house and the previous owners who have both passed away. While talking he mentioned that we needed to remove the platform in the master bedroom. We said that we planned to eventually but it's not first on the list. Then we got filled in that the owner had fallen off the platform and died. My new neighbor laughed at us and said, "good luck with that!"

So yeah. I'm gonna need some new carpet and let's burn some sage, or say a prayer, or bury another Saint in the backyard. (I really don't know anything about the Saint thing. My coworkers were nice enough to fill me in on Joseph and took me to buy one when we listed our house.)

How would you feel knowing someone died in your new home? Would it freak you out?


  1. I'm not to sure how to reupholster that kind of char, but i'm sure you can have a lot of fun doing it :) and as for the house how spooky do you think they were just trying to scare you! Halloween is on Wednesday...

  2. I'd actually be ok with it . . . unless I found out that they died in the home, and then reanimated in the home. Or that they were buried under the home. Or that spirits from another dimension are why the homeowner originally died.

  3. I don't think a dead person would be a deal-breaker for me...but I'd rather not know about it! It would actually be kind of funny to keep such a secret from my sister, who has a serious dead-person phobia, and wouldn't ever set foot in the house if she knew!

    Have you seen the chair painting tutorial on Pinterest for chairs like that? I wonder if it'd be easier than upholstering?

  4. I was fine not knowing. I kind of ended the story, but one of my new neighbors just straight out asked. More freaked out by the dead guy in the carpet than anything.

    I'll have to check out the chair painting. Haven't seen it.

  5. Yeah. Gotta be afraid of zombies. Although he was a gay man, so I'd take a gay ghost,


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