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Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Going to Need Some Sage

This weekend there was an estate sale at the house we're buying. We went to check it out, spend some more time in the house, and let friends and family see it. We did buy stuff too like some old records and this chair. Anyone know how to reupholster?


While there we met one of our new neighbors and the trustee of the estate. Since we're purchasing an estate there are no disclosures on the home, so it was great to hear about the house and the previous owners who have both passed away. While talking he mentioned that we needed to remove the platform in the master bedroom. We said that we planned to eventually but it's not first on the list. Then we got filled in that the owner had fallen off the platform and died. My new neighbor laughed at us and said, "good luck with that!"

So yeah. I'm gonna need some new carpet and let's burn some sage, or say a prayer, or bury another Saint in the backyard. (I really don't know anything about the Saint thing. My coworkers were nice enough to fill me in on Joseph and took me to buy one when we listed our house.)

How would you feel knowing someone died in your new home? Would it freak you out?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blogger Headshots

I'm part of the San Antonio Bloggers group and a few weeks ago three of our fabulous photographers/bloggers offered up their services to give us professional headshots.

The wonderful Amanda of ARG Photography took mine and I absolutely love how they turned out!



Check out more of Amanda's work here and a shout out to our other photographers Misha and Megan as well! Thanks again ladies for making us all look fabulous!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Home Tour

Last week we sold our house and bought a new one! Technically we don't close until the 5th on either house, but we're pretty much there. There is still a lot to do on both houses not to mention I've got to pack an entire house in the next two weeks. First though, let me introduce you to our future home:

Front of the house taken from the MLS because I somehow didn't take one.


View from the front door looking out at the courtyard entry.


Front living room


Back living room. I'm not sure what to do with this room.


Another view of the back living room. The wall not in the picture on the left is all a built in bookcase.


Kitchen from the utility room.


Sun Room


The Sun Room connects to the back living room and the kitchen has a window that looks out into it.


The Master Bedroom. Be jealous of my platform for the bed.


Master bath.


Bedroom Two


Bedroom Three.


Second Bath. I can't get over that half door.


Another of the bath.




Koi Pond. Anyone want a goldfish? We've got about 50 too many.




So much yard!


Side yard also in the back. I'd love to put the chickens there, but I think it's too close to the neighbor.

It definitely needs some love. Right away we have to work on the sun room due to some water damage. I'd also like to tear out the carpet in the front living room and the linoleum in the kitchen. I'd love to do the floors in the master and the back living room, but may have to wait. The platform in the master is concrete so we'd have to bust it up.

Of course there will be lots of removing old wallpaper and painting in my future. The front living also had a bad touch up paint job on the ceiling so we've got some glitter popcorn to remove in there. We're going to do it one step at a time though.

Fingers crossed that everything continues to go smoothly with the sale and purchase. We have one more repair to do on our house and we're good to go. I also have to dig up St. Joseph from the backyard. I'll give him a sunny corner of the sun room to hang out in!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Things I've Been Enjoying Lately

That's a 10 inch breakfast taco.

Coworker brought me a 10 inch breakfast taco.

Seasonal Beer

So good. I love fall

Pointing out your coworker's age will get you this:

Note to self: Don't remind  coworker of their milestone birthday that's coming up.

Bountiful Baskets

Today's #BountifulBasket

This is an old and bad picture, but this was my Junior Year Homecoming Mum


I found my grandma's apron

Love. This was one of my grandmother's aprons.

Made these for a bachelorette party

Bachelorette cookies.

The Bachelorettes


Me and John. Same pose.


Friday, October 12, 2012

The Infinite Sadness of Selling your Home

Things are moving along with the home sale/purchase process and it’s scary. And sad. This morning I was so sad about leaving our current home. I was sad that soon I wouldn’t hear the sound my feet make on the floors in the morning. Sad about how comfortable my living room is and how nice it is to curl up on the couch. Sad to not hear the kid in the park across the street on the swing set each morning. Sad that we’ll never spend another Christmas or Thanksgiving in our home. We didn’t even know that last year would be our last. Sad about how comfortable in general my home is and how nice it is to come home to. Sad at the thought of not feeling like that in my new home. Sad that we never fully realized the potential of our current home. We could have done so much more with it. It’s a realization we’ve both made recently. Sad about my regular commute changing. Where will I stop for tacos on Fridays now?

I know that all the pieces are finally coming together and for that I should be happy. I’m not though. The other week I spent hours pinning ideas for the new house. I have board for every single room in that house. I was so excited about its potential. Now I’m dreading packing. I’m dreading changing. I’m dreading the construction that will be going on in the house from the second we buy it. I’m dreading all the work that we’ll have to do to make it our home. Our buyer wants to close in 3 weeks! 3 weeks and I could be out of my home. That’s not enough time! How will I get it all packed? How will I find time to enjoy my patio? I won’t even get to see the fall tomatoes in the garden.

I’ve told people lately that I never want to go through this process again. Buying and selling at the same time is miserable. I’ve said this week that I will die in this new house. I better learn to love it because we’ve got another 50 years together this house and I. I’ve been so hot and cold about this whole process I feel like it’s making me bipolar. I’m happy one second and terribly sad the next. John will say it’s all because I don’t like change. I’m a creature of routine and my routine is about to get all screwed up. My center is about to be taken away and moved to a new place. A place that has a platform for my bed to rest on. Hold me.

Just so I don’t end this post on such a terribly sad note (bipolar yes?). I was telling my dad about the new house and when I shared with him the story of the platform bed and the glitter ceiling he went and one upped me. When they were looking for a house in Indiana they saw one that had a round platform in the master. It rotated. I think I would have been forever damaged had my parents bought the house with the rotating bed. Thank you guys for passing on that one, and someone please make sure we have that concrete platform removed before we ever have children.

We you terribly sad when you sold your home? Please tell me it gets easier.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

On Home Selling

Things I never knew about selling a house:

The concept of doggie daycare and how useful it can be. 

Selling a house is like receiving a verbal tip as a server. Weren't a server? That's when a customer gushes about you, leaves a note on the receipt about how great you are and leaves you a whopping $1 tip on a $60 bill.

Selling a house is much like a 12 step program. Or any real thing where there are several stages of emotions:
Step 1: I hate is house! I want it of this house! Let's sell this house!
Step 2: while prepping the house - oh my gosh! We're never going to sell this house. It's going to take so much to get this house sold!
Step 3: listing your house - ok. Look! Our house isn't so bad! Surely someone will buy this house!
Step 4: First feedback on your house - what do you mean you don't like my house? My house is awesome! How could you ever say that!? You know what? I bet where you live is crappy you big jerk! You don't deserve to live in my awesome house.
Step 5: after several showings and no nibbles - why don't you love my house? I love my house. See how nice my house is?
Step 6: after the first round of looking at new houses - oh my gosh! Will you look at that? Is that carpet going up the side of the tub? Do you see how dirty/old/gross this is? How could someone not like our house? Our house is awesome/clean/updated and it shows so well!
Step 7: after several looks at other houses and you've found nothing you like - we're NEVER going to find a house! Ugh! Nothing is as good as our house!
Step 8: after a lowball offer - what do you mean you want $9,000 under listing price AND want us to pay closing!? Are you crazy? Have you seen my house!? My house is worth WAY more than that! Do you really think I'm going to PAY you to buy my house? 
That's as far as I've gotten but there are definitely 4 more. I think the final steps depend on the house you want to buy, whether they go for your deal or not or whether you decide to say screw it all I'm staying put.

You WILL start to love your house once it's all spruced up and decluttered. I think it's impossible not to.

You will become nostalgic about spending time in your patio, your favorite Chinese restaurant that you've been ordering take out from for the past 9 years, YOUR grocery store/favorite chain restaurant/shopping center/highway.

Your weird ass neighbor kids have some kind of house showing radar and will loiter for your  potential buyers to see. You will swear they are doing this on purpose.

Home showing refugee. It's real.

You will chew out the home showing scheduling service multiple times for calling before 8 am on a weekend. They will do it again.

Home showings will disrupt your entire life and schedule. It's your new job.

You can clean a house within 30 minutes if you have to. The dryer is a great place to hide things.

Your yard will never look so immaculate ever again. Neither will your house/floors/bathrooms/kitchen.

Storage units are crazy expensive.

"We have a showing" is your new excuse for everything.

You should have bought stock in candles.

Any stories on how you survived the selling process?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Fall Photo Shoot

Fellow San Antonio Blogger Amanda asked me and several other bloggers to help her create easy fall photo shoot wardrobe ideas for her photography clients.

Here's my idea board and check out Amanda's post for other great ideas.

Fall Photo Shoot

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