Wednesday, September 05, 2012

What the what!?

Just before I went to BlogHer12 I decided to make my blog searchable. The most fun part has been the weird search terms that people find me through. It's mostly boring garden stuff, the occasional chicken stuff, cooking or recipes, and several regarding a pink panther ice cream I once ate. One that really freaked me out a few months ago: 13 year old cute emo girls. What the what!? Luckily that creeper didn't stay too long.

Here are a few more:

What can buy for don't put the laptop in your legs. Huh? I don't think you ever found what you were googling for. Try coherent sentences. Better yet, don't google a sentence.

Thyroid scar necklace. WHY would you want that?

Pet carrier for chickens. Hope you weren't disappointed by my use of a giant Rubbermaid storage container. It was also one funny post so hopefully that made up for the disappointment.

How to fill cream in mini penis cupcakes. Yes. I'd like to know too. Also, mentioning it is a great way to make friends at BlogHer. See Jen and Kaliee? I told you so. Totally bloggable.

Massive butt crack flickr. Ummmm....yeah.

Faith workout clothes. No one wants to see me in workout clothes. No. Really. You don't. Oh, and I hope you enjoyed that post about my boobs.

Have you had any weird search terms that led people to your blog? Join in the fun!


  1. Okay... Yours are awesome. I had to re-read the first one like, four times before I realized it didn't make any sense whatsoever. I laughed out loud at "pet carrier for chickens" and "thyroid scar necklace". Thanks for linking up! Sorry the linky closed before you got the chance to put your link there. I'm going to do it again next month though, so keep an eye out!!!

  2. Those are great. The best one on my site would have to be little old lady p0rn. Creepy on several levels.

  3. I am endlessly fascinated with this topic, too! My favorite three from my blog so far: "banana hammock", "uses for peeps" and "am i too fat to do boudoir". The last one made me a little sad, but thankfully the post it brought them to said, "NO! Love your body!" so I felt like maybe I made that person feel a little bit better.


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