Monday, September 03, 2012

What I've Been Up To

I started writing a post a week ago, but then my computer died and I haven't been able to finish it. Not that that is much of an excuse. There are only 3 other perfectly good computers in my house as well as two smart phones and an iPad (that I'm writing this on). Plus I've had some warning that my computer was going downhill fast seeing as how it took me around two hours to get it up and going every time. The last time I got it working I was smart enough to back up and luckily enough it's still under warranty. I'm just hoping that it's just the hard drive and not anything else.

We've looked at a total of 14 possible houses so far. There's a few that we like but nothing that we love. It's all, I wish we could have that house but on this lot, or this is the area that we love, but this house is just horrible or overpriced. We've seen a few that are move in ready or some that would require a ton of work. It's the whole, do we buy at the top of our price point in the area we love but in the not perfect house; or do we buy the house we mostly like in the ok area, but with the fantastic yard? The joys of home buying right? I just hope someone decides to buy our house before we find the one we love and it goes off the market.

Also selling a house? Worst thing ever. You clean and clean and rush around between work and home to gather the dogs only to have someone not show or judge you and your house. Or they leave wonderful comments but still don't want to buy your house. It's like receiving the verbal tip when you're a server. I've been getting nothing but verbal tips for two months now. Hell I tell you.

I've been cooking up a storm lately and need to do a few posts on things I've tried. Basalmic vinegar and whiskey as a steak marinade though? Not as good as it sounds. Major grilling disappointment in our house that night.

Speaking of grilling, I've been doing a lot lately and just trying to enjoy the patio more. Even though we're selling I've been feeling a little nostalgic about our house, or rather the deck. We haven't spent enough time out there, and we haven't hung out on it quite enough or had our friends that will no 
longer be our neighbors over quite enough. The other night I did an impromptu margaritas on the patio with the girls. Real clothes and bras were not required. It was fabulous and we need to do that more.

We're about to kick off the crazy time of year. I think I counted 8 events between now and the end of October. That's just nuts. It's my favorite time of year though. I'm ready for cooler weather and things made with pumpkin. 

In a few weeks John and I are celebrating our five year anniversary. I've put him in charge of planning it. Please help him. 

What's been keeping you busy lately?


  1. Best steak recipe, let it "sit" on a cutting board for 10 minutes, then rub in a bit of olive oil. Then in a small bowl put salt and double the pepper (like 50 turns of the mill) and then rub into the steak on both sides. Yummiest way to eat steak.ever. And I feel you on the house thing. It took 60 houses and three rejections before we found our house! =) Hope things turn around in a bit.

  2. That's actually my tried and true recipe with the addition of some worchestire sauce. I thought the simplicity of the balsamic & whiskey would be just as good, but no. Not even close. Lesson learned, don't mess with a good thing!


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