Friday, September 07, 2012

True Story Y'all

Each First Friday of every month I'm going to share those totally bloggable moments where you really wish you had a camera/video to document it but couldn't.

And then the Walgreens clerk came out from behind the counter, took her shoes and socks off, and showed me her bunions.

And then we were suprised we weren't kicked out of the restaurant for telling my friend's 3 year old daughter that a tampon was a rocket and she should "shoot it" and then put it in the water glass to "watch it grow."

And then the house we were looking at turned out to be owned by the mother of my boss's neighbor. (Who is also very well known in TX)

And then I saw a deer run into a car. Not a car run into a deer. Deer to car. It was sad.

And then while grabbing a drink with our realtor we had an "and then" moment in the McDonald's drive thru. (You know you watched Dude Where's My Car)

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