Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Years

Almost 6 years ago a boy asked a girl a question.


5 years ago, tomorrow, they made it official.


Like a typical blogger I had planned on doing some kind of big celebration on here to celebrate the 5 year milestone, but then things got busy, and posts never got done.

Then, things got messy.

Marriage is work.


No one really tells you that while you're building ideas of that perfect day and dreaming of that perfect life you'll spend together.

I'm lucky, my parents celebrated 35 years of marriage just a few weeks ago.

It's been work for them.

I can remember my mom telling my dad many times, "I may love you, but I don't always have to like you."

I know not every anniversary will be perfect, not even the big ones.

I just want to get back to here.


Happy Anniversary babe. I love you even if I don't always like you.


  1. Amen to that. I hope you guys trench down and get through the messy in quick fashion. Happy anniversary!

  2. Faith, I totally...TOTALLY understand. Our 5th anniversary sucked this year, honestly.

    Here's hoping that by tomorrow, things will be a little easier :)

  3. I love you Faith! We hit a little speedbump, but I think we will just keep rolling. Five years together is supposed to be the 'Wood' anniversary, so lets grow together. Lets not be a mighty oak, they break when storms come. Lets not be a willow, they bend under any breeze. Lets not be a mesquite, they grow twisted and gnarled. Lets be a bonzai, they take a lot of work, pruning and molding, but they are a labor of love and they live forever. Love you!!


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