Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Yarn Wreath

I am SO READY FOR FALL. Can I get a hand raise if you are too?

I am so ready for fall I made this wreath a few weeks ago despite it still being 100 degrees at the time.


This wreath was really easy to make. Here's what you'll need:


To start, tie on, and then just wrap.


I will say the more precise you are with your wrapping the less yarn you'll need. I had to buy another skein for the inch that I didn't have enough of, but I was able to go back and touch up a few spots that needed some more coverage. If you want a "messier" look buy two skeins or a smaller wreath.

For the felt flowers I just bought felt squares in the craft section. I guess they're tecnically felt rectangles but who likes the way that sounds? Felt squares just sounds better.

To make them I followed this tutorial:

They're actually really easy and a large rose doesn't require a very big circle.


Play around with your flower arrangement before you glue them on and then you're done!


What fall crafts have you done lately?


  1. None, but I need to! I did a yarn wreath last year, but hated that it looked lopsided because I used a swimming pool noodle instead of an actual wreath form. Hopefully I'll get to try it again sometime soon!

    Did you hang it with a Command Hook?

    1. Yes. I hot glued and extra strip of felt to the back and hung it on a fancy command hook.

  2. Raises hand!! I LOVE fall too :)

    Cute wreath! It turned out great!

  3. That's super cute! I may have to make some of those felt flowers to put on Lia's hand me down winter hats.

  4. Love it! I made a Christmas wreath last year before the new addition arrived. I'm back in the swing of the swing of things and danstibg what kind of fall wreath to do this year.


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