Sunday, September 30, 2012

5th Anniversary

First, thanks everyone for the emails, texts, comments, and love from my first anniversary post. While I won't go into everything, I also didn't want to not be true. This is my place to share my life, the good and the bad. After talking with John, I wanted to be honest here so that when I look back I can see where I've been.

After a rough week we finally had a moment where we were just happy and laughing at one another. A little after I got this text:


and we did go and enjoy a meat fest. (Also realized tonight autocorrect made the restaurant China Gaucha instead of Chama Gaucha.)


Just the sides, none of the meat.


We went to the same place 2 years ago on our anniversary and received a similar cake.


We asked for this version. :)


  1. I'm glad you guys went out to dinner anyway! And also? That cake is hilarious--one to remember for sure.

  2. We really did have a good time. Yes, I think the crappy anniversary cake needs to become a tradition. It cracks me up.


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