Monday, August 13, 2012

Rivet & Sway Review

Just before I left for BlogHer12 I got my eyes checked. I was a little overdue and could tell my vision had changed a bit. I wanted to be able to see the sites before I left so I squeezed in a visit to the eye doctor just in time to get my new contacts before I left. I had really hoped to also get a new pair of glasses, but it wasn't in the budget and I'd already cleaned out my flex account. Then the opportunity came to become a Rivet & Sway Original I jumped at it. Adorable glasses? I'm in!

How it works:

You visit the Rivet & Sway website and take a look around. I LOVED that their site was so easy to navigate. I have a tiny face and being able to search for frames by my face shape and by frame size was fantastic.

You get to pick out three, yes three frames to try on at home. They all come in various shapes, sizes and colors. One thing to keep in mind, if your vision is bad like mine (-9 yikes!) you need to stick to plastic frames since they won't be able to put lenses in the metal ones. I love all the cute new plastic frames that have come out in recent years so this wasn't a problem for me.

In 2 days my trial frames were on my doorstep. Here's what I tried on:

1. Pinstripe
2. Meet Cute
3. Street Smart
(Please excuse what looks like my left eye being closed in these. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself in glasses without getting a glare? It's hard and you end up looking like Popeye because of said glare.)

I had thought I was being all wild and crazy with my choices and basically got three of the same pair. Be more adventurous than I was ok?

People weighed in and I don't think there was really a consensus so I just went with the ones I liked - Street Smart. Once I had made my decision I simply packed my 3 pairs back into the box they came in, sealed it and dropped it in the mail to return it for FREE! The box even had its on seal on it so no tape required!

My one wild and crazy decision was to not order the same color as my try on pair was - black. I ordered them in Cherry Bomb. I'm glad I did because I've gotten so many compliments on them!

The ordering process was just as easy. I entered my prescription information from my Dr. and placed the order. Shipping is also quick, but I had mine sent to New York so I could wear them at BlogHer. The only "extra" I had to do was to take a picture of my prescription and email it to Rivet & Sway. I did it all from my phone!

I couldn't be happier with my new pair of glasses and because I love them so much I'm sharing it with you!

Between now and 8/26 visit Rivet & Sway and get 20% off with this coupon code: CWHOUB08AA7FAB

Trust me, you'll find their site easy to use, the ordering process will be painless (unless you're terrified to ask your eye Dr. for your prescription) and you'll receive your try on pairs fast!

Your order must be placed by the 26th so order your try at home pairs NOW. You don't have to wait to send them back before you order either. Decide which pair you like best that same day, go ahead and place your order!

Disclosure: I received a pair of glasses for free from Rivet and Sway in exchange for my honest review. I honestly love my glasses.

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