Friday, August 24, 2012

Bird Poop or Butterfly in the Making?

This morning I noticed something had been eating my orange tree.


A quick inspection and all I found was bird poop.


Further inspection showed either a bird with good aim or the first turd's friends.



They did not like getting pulled from the tree.


They kind of look like a snake from the front.


Turns out they are Giant Swallowtail Caterpillars and they turn in to really pretty butterflies.


Before I knew what they were I had already tossed them over the fence. At least I didn't feed them to the chickens, right?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Thank you Pinterest for giving me some new ideas. I've been in a bit of a cooking funk lately. I also hadn't been on Pinterest for awhile so there were a ton of new to me things hanging out there.

Chop up your veggies. I love recipes like this because you really can add in what you want/don't want and can throw in extras as well.


While your chopping the veggies cook your diced chicken. Just pour on the Cajun seasoning and pepper. Make it as hot as you please.


When your chicken is done set it aside and then cook your peppers and onions.


Once they're going add in your mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic.


It doesn't look pretty but then you'll add in the cream cheese, chicken broth, flour and milk mixture. I didn't blend mine like the recipe though. Just mixed the flour and milk first and then poured everything in and let the cheese melt.


Then you'll want to throw everything into the pot with the cooked pasta and mix.


This really didn't taste light in any way. Plus it heated up well as leftovers compared to creamier.

Click here for the recipe.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rivet & Sway Review

Just before I left for BlogHer12 I got my eyes checked. I was a little overdue and could tell my vision had changed a bit. I wanted to be able to see the sites before I left so I squeezed in a visit to the eye doctor just in time to get my new contacts before I left. I had really hoped to also get a new pair of glasses, but it wasn't in the budget and I'd already cleaned out my flex account. Then the opportunity came to become a Rivet & Sway Original I jumped at it. Adorable glasses? I'm in!

How it works:

You visit the Rivet & Sway website and take a look around. I LOVED that their site was so easy to navigate. I have a tiny face and being able to search for frames by my face shape and by frame size was fantastic.

You get to pick out three, yes three frames to try on at home. They all come in various shapes, sizes and colors. One thing to keep in mind, if your vision is bad like mine (-9 yikes!) you need to stick to plastic frames since they won't be able to put lenses in the metal ones. I love all the cute new plastic frames that have come out in recent years so this wasn't a problem for me.

In 2 days my trial frames were on my doorstep. Here's what I tried on:

1. Pinstripe
2. Meet Cute
3. Street Smart
(Please excuse what looks like my left eye being closed in these. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of yourself in glasses without getting a glare? It's hard and you end up looking like Popeye because of said glare.)

I had thought I was being all wild and crazy with my choices and basically got three of the same pair. Be more adventurous than I was ok?

People weighed in and I don't think there was really a consensus so I just went with the ones I liked - Street Smart. Once I had made my decision I simply packed my 3 pairs back into the box they came in, sealed it and dropped it in the mail to return it for FREE! The box even had its on seal on it so no tape required!

My one wild and crazy decision was to not order the same color as my try on pair was - black. I ordered them in Cherry Bomb. I'm glad I did because I've gotten so many compliments on them!

The ordering process was just as easy. I entered my prescription information from my Dr. and placed the order. Shipping is also quick, but I had mine sent to New York so I could wear them at BlogHer. The only "extra" I had to do was to take a picture of my prescription and email it to Rivet & Sway. I did it all from my phone!

I couldn't be happier with my new pair of glasses and because I love them so much I'm sharing it with you!

Between now and 8/26 visit Rivet & Sway and get 20% off with this coupon code: CWHOUB08AA7FAB

Trust me, you'll find their site easy to use, the ordering process will be painless (unless you're terrified to ask your eye Dr. for your prescription) and you'll receive your try on pairs fast!

Your order must be placed by the 26th so order your try at home pairs NOW. You don't have to wait to send them back before you order either. Decide which pair you like best that same day, go ahead and place your order!

Disclosure: I received a pair of glasses for free from Rivet and Sway in exchange for my honest review. I honestly love my glasses.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

BlogHer Recap

You can see the first part of my I'm In New York for BlogHer12 post here. Oh how naive I was when I sat down to write that post on Thursday morning. The fact that I wrote it Thursday, but didn't get a chance to touch it up and post it until Friday should have been an indication of the whirlwind that was to come and that is BlogHer. I should have guessed then that I would reach a level of exhaustion, hunger and pain that I have never experienced before, but would be topped by the fun that I was having. The pure excitement I felt to finally be at BlogHer and in New York is what kept me going.

The days after I wrote that post recapping my Wednesday night would go by faster than I could ever imagine. Thursday would start off as relaxing morning at a private party. The fact that this was my breakfast though should have signaled that craziness that would come in the following days.


Instead Kathleen and I visited FAO


and then met up with our remaining two roomies to take a carriage ride through Central Park.



We carried on to see Rockefeller Square,



the Empire State building,


and then I had my last real food of the day.




I then ran around the city going to different events. I flew solo for the night and I have to say, thank you to all the wonderful ladies I met and that made the effort to talk to me. My number one tip for BlogHer is to smile and say hi. Hopefully you'll get a smile and a hello back. You may make someone's day. You will probably make a friend.

I met the very sweet Heija in line who got me through the door and the first part of the party.

Red Carpet Fun 50

I was then very lucky that two wonderful ladies decided to chat me up. Vicki and Jacki totally picked me up by complimenting on my shirt that I would later find out was on backward. I'm glad they did because I had so much fun with these two for the remainder of the conference.


Later than night I picked up Jen and Kailee in a sex toy shop by suggesting Kailee put cream filled penis cupcakes on her baking blog. Lucky for me they thought I was funny and not totally creepy and I got to hang out with them most of the conference as well.


The remaining days where a whirlwind of lines for the elevators, trying to get get into the sessions that everyone else wanted to, navigating the expo hall and of course some amazing keynotes like THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES (yes bloggers are that awesome)





and other bloggers during Voices of the Year.


Need some inspiration, a good cry, or a laugh? Check out these VOTY posts.

I also filled it with fun,



Best picture evah



(taken from here)

and friends.




Photo Booth Take 3

Photo Booth Take 2

and at the end a bit more sightseeing.




I met so many amazing people at BlogHer and I wish I could have spent more time with all of them:


Kate and her husband who I still like even through she lived in San Antonio and is a Mavs fan.

John and Duffy
Diana whose story I knew, but didn't know it was her's until I she explained her tattoos to me.

There are so many more that I can list because I had such a great experience with everyone I met. Thank you all for helping me make my first BlogHer experience an amazing one!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

True Story Y'all

In yet another feigned attempt at putting my BlogHer12 experience into words I decided to make a new post series. One that will probably be carried over week to week or month to month depending on the type of crazy that happens around here. Because you know what? Sometimes maintaing this here blog is HARD. Sometimes stuff gets boring around here and I have nothing to post. Unless you want to hear how I cleaned my house once again so someone could not come see it. That never gets old.

Craziness though? It happens all the time and never gets old. Usually it happens in bits and pieces. You know those moments. The ones that happen so quickly you really wish you had time to whip out your camera and document it because holy hell THAT WOULD MAKE A GREAT POST. Instead you just end up laughing about it to yourself or to your friends or to your spouse and struggle to find the least amount of words to describe it in a tweet. Almost always you find yourself in that crap situation where you have to determine which grammar sin to commit so you can squeeze out just a few more characters. (u, 2, dont, nghbor)

So I've decided to bring you, True Story Y'all. As in, that shit really just happened. I just didn't have a camera handy, or it was just a bit wrong to actually take a picture of that crazy, but OMG I have to tell people about this.

True Story Y'all - BlogHer12 Edition

And then I saw a lady carrying her dog much like you would a baby. In a sling. Across her chest.

And then at my 3rd event of the night I realized my shirt was on backward.

And then I picked up two new friends in a sex toy shop by suggesting new ways to make penis cupcakes.

And then I talked smack about My Little Ponies to a possible Bronie.

And then I walked into a party and received champagne compliments of the My Little Pony Wedding. And they had a My Little Pony themed drink menu.

And then I rehashed the story to a group of friends I ran in to. Only to turn around and find said possible Bronie sitting within earshot. Actually, she was at my feet.

And then I won a years supply of Jimmy Dean sausage.

And then Jimmy Dean suggested I come by for breakfast following my 4 am I need greasy food stat tweet.

And then some guy tried to take a picture of my boobs and didn't even try to pretend that he was taking a picture of something else. In fact, he waved at me when I called him out.

And then there was a guy on my flight that looked EXACTLY like Santa would if he had gone to Sparklecorn.

And then my connecting flight was delayed 45 minutes because there was a shit back up in the only toilet on the plane.

And then after 5 hours of flight delays my luggage was the first to come out on the carousel.

Do you have a True Story from BlogHer? I'd love to hear them. Link up or leave a comment!

Monday, August 06, 2012

I could be

I could be writing a wonderful recap of BlogHer. All the fun I had, all the people I met, all the food I never got to eat, all the things I learned.

I could be tackling the three bags I came home with, doing laundry, or sorting the things I brought home for me and for friends.

I could be doing something with the pile of business cards I brought home.

I could be editing the pictures that I downloaded.

I could be organizing the people I have followed on Twitter or following the ones I still need to.

I could be going through my pantry and my fridge and making a shopping list. Then going to the store.

I could be doing something to the garden or something with the dozen eggs sitting on my kitchen table.

I could be getting the oil changed in my car and have air put in the tires; Something I needed to do way before I left.

I could be doing a lot of things.

Instead. I'm doing this:


sitting on the couch, surrounded by camera stuff, business cards, three technological devices and my McDonald's. I've got my cankles propped up on a pillow on the coffee table and am catching up on trash TV and the Olympics.

And it feels great.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Leaving New York

Best picture evah, originally uploaded by f_a_h.

I'm currently sitting in the Newark Airport waiting to board my flight home. The flight I was almost positive I was going to miss because while I planned on leaving for the airport at one I ended up downing the entire one o'clock hour getting my luggage, getting to Port Authority, and getting on a bus. Thankfully it was an express bus, there was no traffic, and it only took about 20 minutes to get here.

I had an awesome time at BlogHer. If I had to sum it up in one picture I don't think I could. The one above though? It'd come pretty damn close. As would this one.

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