Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Right now if you're not a giant mound of filing in my office or related to BlogHer, New York or selling my house you're not going to have any attention paid to you. That includes this poor blog. So instead you're going to get bits and pieces of things I'd write bout if I had the time.

Oh-M-Gee I leave one week for today to New York and to BlogHer! **insert post on how totally excited I am** One to counter all the crazy I'm overwhelmed posts that are popping up.

I can't decided if I'm more excited to meet, interact and learn from 4,500 other bloggers or the food I'm going to eat in New York. **insert post about sightseeing and restaurants here.**

I sewed my first pair of pajama pants and they fit! **insert how to sew big girl pajama pants including 10 pm on a Sunday night phone calls to your mother because "you don't think you're doing this right" here.*

We've had a whopping 4 showings on our house. **insert I'm going to go insane keeping this house clean 24/7 post** **insert how comments people leave about your house also drives you crazy post here** **why is the the one time we leave the house a total wreck people come to look at the house post here**

I'm doing this fitness challenge at work. All the gyms are doing it and we have a friendly corporate office competition going on. **insert I've never been so tired in my life from working out 5 times a week and yet I've still managed to gain 5 pounds in the past month post here** Followed by **who wants to place bets on how much weight I gain in New York post here**

I have ants in my toilet. John does not think this is a problem. One crawled up on me. I can no longer pee at home. No post needed for this one. It's scary enough in four sentences.

Have we made time travel possible yet? Or at least can I develop a super power where time freezes and I keep moving so I can get other things done? Yes?

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