Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moving on Up

For the past month or so we’ve been working on getting our house ready to sell. No, there are no new additions coming along just yet. Although, if we don’t get started working on that soon I think John is going to take off. Poor guy was ready to be a dad yesterday and I’m a big mean hold out.
We are looking for more space both inside and out. Our ideal lot is a minimum of a quarter acre, preferably a half or more. We’d like to still be in the city, yet be able to have chickens (and goats if I get my way) and not wake up the neighbors (or John). The ideal house has the master, 2 bedrooms, a guest room and on office. The office doesn’t have to be a room, but John REALLY wants a man cave. Or at least a room where I can dump all my crap and not overtake his space.
Last month we met with our realtor and she came and evaluated the house. Evaluated is the nice way of putting because it was more like judging (but in the nicest Southern woman way possible). Let me start with the fact that I CLEANED that house. I was on my hands and knees dragging a bucket of soapy water through the house scrubbing it from top to bottom. The first thing she mentions, “you need to clean your baseboards.” I HAD! Yeah, so those just got painted white.
I should also mention that John is the cleaner of our house. I just didn’t grow up cleaning and am honestly not that good at it. I’ll do it, but as John says, I miss things that other people just would not.
I had also purged and cleaned out a lot of the clutter in our bedroom (which is really the place where John sleeps and I cover with all my stuff). John was even impressed by how good of a job I did. The realtor though? She was not. Pretty much the whole house was Faith needs to get rid of her crap and John’s space (the office) looks great.
And really, she wasn’t mean or awful about anything. She really did have great points and now that we’ve done pretty much all the things she said, the house really does look good. It’s just really hard to make it your house, that you’re leaving because you need more space, to look like no one will ever be able to fill this space. All while living there, but making it look like no one actually lives there. At this point I’m pretty much ready to do whatever she asks to have our house sold in the quickest amount of time as possible. I seriously do not know how people have their houses on the market for extended periods of time. I’d go insane. John also knows that I will quickly break if required to live like this for awhile. I just can’t. I don’t have it in me to wash every utensil after use, put every single clothing item away and to not leave my belongings throughout the house (yes I realize I sound like your child. John thinks I do too).
Tonight the realtor is coming to do the final staging. We still have a few things to do like get the boxes out of the kitchen and into storage, paint the trim around the front door and garage (waiting for the caulk to dry), mow the backyard, and then John needs to deep clean around the tub and toilets because my attempt at that was also not good enough.
Hopefully she doesn’t give us another big to do list. My goal is that this weekend we have pictures taken and then we get it on the market next week. The ultimate goal is to have it sold by the time I leave for BlogHer in August, but that may be wishful thinking.


  1. I am SO the same way with cleaning! I just don't have the motivation to do it. I'm not dirty.. just messy. It drives my husband nuts, but I just don't see the messes usually. I didn't grow up cleaning and am just BAD at getting "everything." Oh well..

  2. I completely understand! We just went through selling our house a couple months ago. We were fortunate that it was only on the market for 28 days, but it was still a struggle keeping up with the cleaning. I'm not sure what the market is like where you are, but we had many showings but no offers for almost 4 weeks. Before lowering our price, we ended up offering a selling agent incentive (extra commission money upon close for the selling agent). Once we offered that incentive, we has a showing booked within the hour and two hours after the showing we had an *almost* full-priced offer. Its something that one of my realtor friends suggested and it worked really quickly!


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