Sunday, June 17, 2012

Garden Update

This year I decided to actually track how much I harvested from the garden. It's been doing great so far, but as the heat kicks in I think everything will start to slow down.

Here's what I've gotten so far:

Green beans (which are finished) - 2 1/2 pounds

Zucchini (which have been replanted after being wiped out by vine borers) - 6 ounces

Squash (also replanted after vine borers killed it) - 13 ounces

Bell Peppers - 2 pounds

Jalapenos - 3 ounces

Tomatoes - 23 pounds 3 ounces

As you can tell the tomatoes are going crazy and those are just the ones I've planted, not the ones from the chickens. I plan on making some sauce to freeze and then can some salsa. I'm definitely happy with the amount I've gotten so far. I wish the jalapenos were doing a little better and that the squash and zucchini weren't taken out so quickly by vine borers. The only thing that didn't take this year was lettuce. I just couldn't get it to grow.

How are your gardens faring this year?

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  1. Our garden is doing pretty well, though it's really just starting for us since things have only been in for about a month. We're getting a ton of strawberries and are almost ready to re-plant the radishes. Something is eating the squash and zucchini leaves, but I think it's just the leaves they're after...I think!


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