Friday, May 25, 2012

Oyster Bake Photo Dump

Another late one. One day I'll get caught up? Right? One day?

This year I did both Oyster Bake and NIOSA. I however have no pictures of NIOSA. It's pretty much the same food on a stick, but themed to different countries. Plus it didn't have Misty there.





We saw MUCH MORE of the horse after this picture was taken!


They had a competition to see who could keep their hand in the ice longer.

As usual I had to ride a ride. No one would do it with me so I rode solo.


What's really funny is that I got stuck.

Yes. I got stuck on a ride.

Plus I was facing the back so Misty and John couldn't see me.

You know when a ride ends and you have to push down to pull up the shoulder harness? Well I did all that and it didn't work.

I tried and tried and tried and I couldn't get it off. Pretty much everyone had left the ride area and I kept waiting for the new group of people to get on. Finally a worker came over and asked if I was stuck. Yeah.

Basically BOTH people have to do it together so that was the only way to get the harness off. Doesn't happen when riding solo.

Getting stuck on rides aside, it was another fun time at Oyster Bake!

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