Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eggplant Gratin

Last week in my Bountiful Basket I ended up with two eggplants. I'm not opposed to eggplant in any way, it's just not something that's a regular occurrence. This is the second time I've gotten it in Bountiful Baskets. One thing I love about participating in it is that I get to try new things that I normally wouldn't.

So trying to come up with a new recipe I turned to Pinterest and came across this one:

OMG. Good.

I followed the recipe to a T, including following the link and making the simple tomato sauce instead of using my own (which was honestly almost out of the bottle, but I'm SO GLAD I took the time)

I also used heavy cream.

The only thing I would have changed is the amount of olive oil used in the sauce. Not that the sauce was bad at all. I'm just not a fan of too much oil.

I made buttered pasta to serve with this as a side thinking the eggplant would come out more as a lasagna. I thought the slight fry of the eggplant would help it hold up more, but it didn't. You could really just serve this up over pasta. It would probably be a great side dish as well.

The recipe is pretty simple. I had everything it called for on hand (again, thanks to Bountiful Baskets). I just love when simple ingredients can turn into something so delicious!

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