Monday, May 28, 2012

BlogHer12 Tips

I'm going to do a few posts about BlogHer. I want a place to keep everything together. At first I thought of using pinterest, and I'll probably do the same there, but considering it's a blogging conference I ought to keep it all in one place in the blog.

Here are a few helpful posts that I've come across so far:

A great list of things to pack from SocaMom

Tips for a BlogHer Newbie by Mr Lady via BlogHer

Top Ten Networking and Socializing Tips by Kate over at Guavalicious

A Guide to Blogger Business Cards from Melissa at Momcomm

This post from LouLou's Views on what to expect as a first timer at BlogHer. Her sarcasm made me laugh.

These tips for BlogHer Newbies from Erin at Simply Frugal Mom via Dusty at As Mom Sees It.

As I come across more helpful hints and tricks and info I'll continue to update this list.


  1. Great idea Faith! I should make an on going list for myself.

  2. Thanks for compiling all this together. :)

  3. Hi Faith! Thank you for including the packing list in your list. I hope it is helpful. I just came back from a conference, and comfy shoes are a must! This will be my first BlogHer, so I hope we can connect there... @socamomdc


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