Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I'm Growing This Year

Somehow I managed to never post this one and I wrote it back in March. I found it trying to navigate blogger's new look.

This past weekend I got the garden planted. I was feeling a bit lazy this year and didn't start a single seed. Originally I planned to buy my plants online because I did want some specialty or heirloom varieties. I placed an order and then found out it wasn't going to ship until April. I decided to hold out though because what else was I going to do?

Then this weekend I was buying some soil to add to the bed and wandered through the plant aisle. Low and behold they had about a 101 different varieties in the nursery including numerous heirloom varieties. I promptly pulled up my order on my phone, called the company and canceled. Not only was I saving some money, but I was also getting my plants earlier than April.


A word of advice - make sure you fix the hole in your chicken wire around the garden before you spread out your soil. Otherwise when you're not looking your chickens will take over and start tearing up your freshly raked soil.


So here's what I'm growing:
2 Striped Roman Tomatoes
1 Better Boy Tomato
1 Beefmaster Tomato

1 Brandywine Tomato

4 Golden Boy Tomato

1 Yellow Pear Tomato

1 Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato
2 Camelot Bell Peppers
2 California Wonder Bell Peppers
2 Jalapeno Peppers
Parris Island Cos (Romaine Lettuce)
Bibb Lettuce
Red Chanteney Carrots

Blue Lake Green Beans
Straight Neck Yellow Squash

Dark Green Zucchini

I went a little tomato crazy this year and planted 11. That's only because the Golden Boys came in a 6 pack and I was only able to give away 2. Had I known that the chickens would also be planting tomatoes I would have cut back.

So what are you growing this year? Or should I ask, since this post is over a month late, how is your garden going?

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