Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vegas Birthday

I write nothing but belated posts lately it keeping with that here's my mini recap of my 30th birthday weekend in Vegas. At least the parts that I can share!

We arrived pretty late and did some gambling and walking around near the hotel. Easy night. We kicked off our first morning at the Peppermill which was right next to our hotel. Seriously, you must eat here and you must come hungry because the portions are HUGE.


There were pancakes the size of large dinner plates and you got several of them. Plus nothing beats them starting off with big cups of coffee and it's neon awesomeness at it's best.


We spent the rest of the day walking the strip




and did a little more eating.


On our way back to the hotel to get ready for the Beatles Love show we caught the Sirens show at Treasure Island. You can seriously skip this as it's nothing but strippers with bad singing teasing some pirates.


The next morning we headed down to the south end of the strip, met up with my friend Misty who flew in to celebrate with me, and did some more sight seeing.


My friend Jill from college lives in Vegas and suggested an awesome Italian restaurant off the strip for dinner.


Afterwards our group headed back to the strip.

I think I look like a 30 year female version of Harry Potter.


Around 3 am John was starting to feel tired and asked when my birthday was going to be over. I told him, "Not until I go to bed!" I posted this picture awhile later saying, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere and it's still my mother f'cking birthday!" Which had become my favorite saying of the night and we may or may not have made a dance to it for every time I yelled it. I can neither confirm nor deny that claim.


Our night ended very late (or early depending on your opinion). We woke up pretty late the next day and headed to Hash House A Go Go in the Imperial. OMG Yum. Another place with ridiculous portions.


Chicken and Waffles. Their chicken is amazing and there are strips of bacon cooked into the waffles. Great hangover food.

That night we met up with another friend from college and headed out to Freemont Street.


I so want to go down this slide at the Golden Nugget.


Our next day and Misty's final day was spent doing the couple of things we hadn't done yet. Like In and Out Burger.


John says get the Double Double Animal Style and it's delicious.

We did a Coke tasting.


I finally got my giant drink that I had been asking for all night on my birthday.


We said goodbye to Misty and spent the rest of the day eating more and going to see that really crappy X Burlesque show at the Flamingo. We had gotten free tix, but not even that made the show worth it. There's one girl that was anorexic looking. John nicknamed her Skeletor.

We spent the rest of our last night back at the hotel - the Riviera which we actually enjoyed quite a bit.


We had great service there and stayed in the renovated tower which was really nice. Plus it was nice that it wasn't right in the middle of everything and we were able to get away from the craziness of the rest of the strip.

Overall it was a fantastic way to spend my big 3-0. Thanks to everyone that came and celebrated me kissing my 20s goodbye. Just don't make me laugh too hard. It makes me pee now that I'm an old lady. :)


  1. You are so freaking pretty and good gracious that food looks good!

  2. John the HusbandApr 14, 2012, 1:26:00 AM

    How can you talk about our trip and leave out the Beatles Love show?! It was the highlight of the trip for me... other than being with you on your birthday of course.


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