Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beatles Love Show

We're still in Vegas, but I thought I'd post this review while it was still fresh.

I did not want to see any shows while we were here. For me it was a money thing. I just didn't want to shell it out. John finally called me on it. It wasn't that I didn't want to spend the money, it was just that I didn't want to spend it on that. I finally caved and decided to buy some tickets for dinner and a show. It was $126 for the ticket and the dinner. Dinner was a $50 fixed menu so I thought it was worth it. Except when we got here we found out it was only for the show. I was pissed! It turned out the seat options that I bought weren't included in the dinner option. Why offer C if only A and B include dinner!? It just didn't make sense.

Want to talk about not being excited for the show. I was out a $50 meal per person. I paid WAY MORE than I had planned to for the tickets. I had even seen them for less and with a better view. It was total crap.

When we got to the show though we found out our seats were in this cool little box. It was two rows of 4 seats and a really good view of the stage. The show was about to start and we figured if no one showed up we'd move to the front row. Well then someone showed up. It was a couple and you could tell they were excited about the show. They were annoyingly into it which says a lot because John is a HUGE Beatles fan.

The show started and the guy just started acting all crazy. He was bouncing around, throwing his hands up in the air (did you know Stawberry Fields requires you to put your hands in the air? I didn't either...) We tried moving to the set of seats not behind them, but I was beyond annoyed. Not only had I not gotten my dinner and paid more for these tickets, I had crazy people in front of me. Plus, if they weren't bouncing around they were practically having sex with eachother. Not fun.

I finally had enough and walked over to a nearby staff member who had their eye on them. I just said that the guy was acting all crazy, I wasn't sure if he was on something or just really drunk, but it was hard to watch the show with him in front of us. Another staff walked over and asked, "are they disturbing you?" I told him. "yes, he's just acting crazy." He looked at his coworker and told her that he had a lot of seats in the section below and said he'd move us. We thought we'd just go to the first available seats in one of the top rows but he kept walking and walking and walking. He stopped at the 5th row from the stage, looked at us and said, "you can go here or there's two seats at the front if you want them." Never did I expect to get moved to the front row! We weren't even asking to be moved. I honestly thought they would just talk to the couple and ask them to stop being disruptive. Instead we got front row without even having to ask. We were practically sitting on the stage and had a great view for the second half of the show. It was pretty awesome.

The show itself was great. It was my first Cirque show and wasn't quite what I expected but still good. Plus when the show was over another staff member came and talked to us. She said she heard we had had some disruptive people by us and wanted to make sure everything was ok and that we enjoyed the show. Seriously, the customer service we received was better than the show itself. Major kudos to the staff at the Mirage.

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