Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bits and Pieces

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Are you watching the game or the commercials?

Speaking of the commercials, was anyone else annoyed that they've pretty much shown every commercial at one point or another this week? I watch the game, but the commercials are also great. Way to ruin part of the experience.

I did my first post over on the SABalance website. Go check it out. Especially if you need last minute Super Bowl food ideas.

Back to Super Bowl food. I'm bringing Copy Cat Chili's Queso and borracho beans.

Poor John has to work today. He'll hopefully be off in time for the start of the game. We're going to have lunch today at Freebirds. No, I will not be challenging him to an eating contest even though I could probably beat him.

I put Midge back in the coop on Friday night. I had read that it was easiest to do it when the others were asleep. There was a storm going on and the others were wide awake so I don't think it worked very well. Big old Agnes is terrorizing her. Plus it didn't help that Rufus also went insane on Saturday morning trying to get at her again. I guess he realized she was back in there and while the other two hid inside the coop she was bullied in the run. Poor chick probably has PTSD between the two of them! I'm thinking of putting Agnes in the crate for a few days. Maudene seems to have accepted Midge back, but as the biggest, Agnes is definitely top of the pecking order. I'm pretty sure that Agnes is not letting her eat or drink and that Midge slept in the nest box last night rather than roosting. In fact when I went to close up the coop last night the others were tucked away and Midge was on the deck wanting to come into the house. I think Agnes was bullying her so much she almost would have slept with Rufus in his bed than go back in there with her. Poor chick! We'll see how a few days of segregation does for the bully. Hopefully it'll help restore order.

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