Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun with Lizzie and Ben

This weekend my nephew Ben turned 5. I wasn't able to make it to his party today, but made a trip up to Austin a day early. I took him and his sister Lizzie to Toy Joy to pick out a toy for themselves while my sister in law did some prep for the party.

After our toy shopping spree we headed to Amy's for some ice cream. Yes. Toys and ice cream, best aunt ever right? We had a little fun with my new phone while we were there:

Lizzie loved me yesterday which is not her usual. She's usually pretty indifferent, but it was so much fun to spend some quality time with both of them.

Job well done I say!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I've been sick for over a week now. Pretty sure the continuation of my illness has something to do with the 5K I did last weekend in 19 degree weather. However, a few of my symptoms have been similar to pregnancy symptoms leading my coworkers to whisper and plot. I'm to the point of peeing on a stick to shut them up. For the record it's a cold.

John and I got new phones last week. We both ended up with the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket. Could it have a longer name? I'm pretty much in love with the 4G. There are some little things I'm getting used to, but they're all more new phone kinds of things rather than things I hate. While I love my iPad I pretty much adore Android phones and this one is certainly living u to expectations.

I don't think I posted on here, but Midge died. Rufus broke into the coop through the nest box and attacked her. While I don't think she had any life threatening injuries, I think shock got her in the end. Now we're working with Rufus on not focusing on the chickens. It's hard because he knows he shouldn't mess with them, but the second you leave him alone instinct takes over.

I'm now looking for a replacement for Midge. I want a hen that is already laying so she won't get bullied by Agnes or at least she'll be of the size to defend herself. Finding older chickens in my area is tough though. I need a big house on a big piece of land so I can raise and breed chickens. It'll be my next career.

It's raining here today. Like pouring. It's rained almost every day for the last two weeks and I'm sick of it! I know we need it, but ugh. Wiping paws several times a day is not fun. Plus when you don't feel good this is perfect weather to curl up inside.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bits and Pieces

It's Super Bowl Sunday. Are you watching the game or the commercials?

Speaking of the commercials, was anyone else annoyed that they've pretty much shown every commercial at one point or another this week? I watch the game, but the commercials are also great. Way to ruin part of the experience.

I did my first post over on the SABalance website. Go check it out. Especially if you need last minute Super Bowl food ideas.

Back to Super Bowl food. I'm bringing Copy Cat Chili's Queso and borracho beans.

Poor John has to work today. He'll hopefully be off in time for the start of the game. We're going to have lunch today at Freebirds. No, I will not be challenging him to an eating contest even though I could probably beat him.

I put Midge back in the coop on Friday night. I had read that it was easiest to do it when the others were asleep. There was a storm going on and the others were wide awake so I don't think it worked very well. Big old Agnes is terrorizing her. Plus it didn't help that Rufus also went insane on Saturday morning trying to get at her again. I guess he realized she was back in there and while the other two hid inside the coop she was bullied in the run. Poor chick probably has PTSD between the two of them! I'm thinking of putting Agnes in the crate for a few days. Maudene seems to have accepted Midge back, but as the biggest, Agnes is definitely top of the pecking order. I'm pretty sure that Agnes is not letting her eat or drink and that Midge slept in the nest box last night rather than roosting. In fact when I went to close up the coop last night the others were tucked away and Midge was on the deck wanting to come into the house. I think Agnes was bullying her so much she almost would have slept with Rufus in his bed than go back in there with her. Poor chick! We'll see how a few days of segregation does for the bully. Hopefully it'll help restore order.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Follow Up

You know when you start to respond to a comment but then it gets so long you might as well write a post? Yeah. That happened. It's not all directed at you Meredith, but your comment made me realize I ought to share a bit more about my regular bra buying experience.

Linda shocked me at first when she gave me my size. I really thought there was no way my bra size could have been off that much. I know I've put on some pounds, but didn't think it had made that much of a difference in my bra size. I decided to give it a try though and ordered a few bras. When I got them in the mail I was like NO WAY IS THAT GOING TO FIT and then it did.

Fit wise the biggest difference was the side coverage. It took some time to get used to it being higher up on the sides. I felt like my arms were rubbing on it. Less than a week and that feeling was gone. I guess I hadn't realized how much side boob I had going on in my old bras!

The next thing was that I no longer felt like I was carry the weight of my boobs in the front. I didn't have back or shoulder pain, but getting into the right size has made a difference comfort wise. I really didn't even know what I was missing until I got into a bra that fits correctly.

I will say that it was trial and error at first. Of the original three I ordered I only kept one. The next order of three I ended up with two. Another great thing about ordering on Amazon was the ease of returns. Some didn't really fit right. They were either too big or too tight. Others I thought made my boobs look pointy. I have two brands that I like and so now I look for those in stores when there are big sales going on. I think I'm up to 7 great fitting bras and have spent maybe around $150 because of sales. It's been a great investment so far.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Workout Clothes

As mentioned in my previous post, when I work out I pretty much throw on some workout pants and a sports bra paired with whatever t-shirt I slept in. Now I don't do a lot of running around, my favorite kind of working out it one where I get a good stretch and then feel it the next day. I do a lot of yoga and pilates mixed in with some cardio here and there. However, this doesn't mean that the girls don't need some support.

Earlier this year I discovered Linda the Bra Lady. You should meet her if you haven't already. She trouble shooted all my bra problems and it turns out the size I thought I was was actually 2 sizes too small. I have found the bras she recommends on Amazon for a bit cheaper though so I've never actually bought from her site directly. While I'm willing to spend more on a regular bra I don't really want to spend $40-60 on a sports bra. All I'm doing is sweating into it.

A lot of people have recommended the Ta Ta Tamer from lululemon, but again, $60? Plus it doesn't even come in my size. So I went back to Amazon. My goal was to find my size and for $30 or less.

I didn't set out to buy the same brand, but Moving Comfort bras kept showing up in the recommendations and they all had really great reviews. I ended up purhasing the Juno bra, the Helena and the Fiona.

I'll start with the Helena only because I hated it. It's really thin and really didn't offer any support. It's awkward to put on and had a weird overall shape. It got returned.

The Juno can take a year to get into, but man, the girls will not move once they're in. Despite the struggle to put on it's still comfortable. I really thought I'd never get it on, but once I got it sized correctly it was easier. Once in though, I never thought I'd get out of it! If you're looking for a high impact bra with great support I'd recommend it.

The Fiona says it's supposed to be high impact, but it's really more medium. I get a little bit of bounce with it, but nothing bad. It's great for yoga and pilates though and my few trips on the elliptical. If I was actually a runner, I wouldn't use this one. It's very comfortable.

What's great about both is that the straps are sizable, but with velcro in the front. It loops into the top of the cups and makes sizing a lot easier. It holds really well too. I was a bit worried they'd come loose, but I guess if the bra is doing what it's supposed to and you're not bouncing around, then the velcro should hold. It also has hook and eye closures on the band so you can size it there as well.

Anyone else have recs for for affordable sports bras for D+ sizes?

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