Thursday, February 02, 2012

Workout Clothes

As mentioned in my previous post, when I work out I pretty much throw on some workout pants and a sports bra paired with whatever t-shirt I slept in. Now I don't do a lot of running around, my favorite kind of working out it one where I get a good stretch and then feel it the next day. I do a lot of yoga and pilates mixed in with some cardio here and there. However, this doesn't mean that the girls don't need some support.

Earlier this year I discovered Linda the Bra Lady. You should meet her if you haven't already. She trouble shooted all my bra problems and it turns out the size I thought I was was actually 2 sizes too small. I have found the bras she recommends on Amazon for a bit cheaper though so I've never actually bought from her site directly. While I'm willing to spend more on a regular bra I don't really want to spend $40-60 on a sports bra. All I'm doing is sweating into it.

A lot of people have recommended the Ta Ta Tamer from lululemon, but again, $60? Plus it doesn't even come in my size. So I went back to Amazon. My goal was to find my size and for $30 or less.

I didn't set out to buy the same brand, but Moving Comfort bras kept showing up in the recommendations and they all had really great reviews. I ended up purhasing the Juno bra, the Helena and the Fiona.

I'll start with the Helena only because I hated it. It's really thin and really didn't offer any support. It's awkward to put on and had a weird overall shape. It got returned.

The Juno can take a year to get into, but man, the girls will not move once they're in. Despite the struggle to put on it's still comfortable. I really thought I'd never get it on, but once I got it sized correctly it was easier. Once in though, I never thought I'd get out of it! If you're looking for a high impact bra with great support I'd recommend it.

The Fiona says it's supposed to be high impact, but it's really more medium. I get a little bit of bounce with it, but nothing bad. It's great for yoga and pilates though and my few trips on the elliptical. If I was actually a runner, I wouldn't use this one. It's very comfortable.

What's great about both is that the straps are sizable, but with velcro in the front. It loops into the top of the cups and makes sizing a lot easier. It holds really well too. I was a bit worried they'd come loose, but I guess if the bra is doing what it's supposed to and you're not bouncing around, then the velcro should hold. It also has hook and eye closures on the band so you can size it there as well.

Anyone else have recs for for affordable sports bras for D+ sizes?


  1. I'm pretty sure I'm not wearing the right bra size, but the size Linda the Bra Lady recommends doesn't feel right either. Then again, I think the fact that I'm buying el-cheapo bras probably has something to do with ALL that.

  2. Wow! best workout clothes have ever seen. Need to buy them for me and my sister as we both are starting with our gym training to stay fit and healthy. She is getting married soon and want to lose weight before that. Looking for discounts now!!


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