Friday, January 27, 2012

I need your ideas!

So I'm moving into the exciting world of paid blogging! Yes, I will have my very own spot on the SABalance website starting next month. I must confess that someone didn't find me online and thought that I was absolutely wonderful. No, my workplace is taking over the website and asked for contributors. I DID however, submit some of my better (read cleaner) material from here and a committee did find me wonderful enough to have my own little corner rather than an occasional article writer. In fact they even said I could keep my humor as long as I watched my language. Whoo!

I'll be writing about cooking/healthy recipes (of which I must find), canning, green stuff, gardening, backyard chickens and pretty much whatever else I want. Although I was told that I could not post about trying to find sports bras for under $60 for big boobs (a post I'm currently working on for here so stay posted). The only other regular blog will be about Fitness/Working Out (don't have to worry about much crossover between us). The website as a whole is a Family Orientated site about finding your balance. So how to you find time to balance work, family and staying healthy. It will be a reference site and contain useful and beneficial articles, recipes, and tips, plus my crazy.

I need a little help coming up with a title. The top contenders around the office from numerous submissions are:

Getting back to simplicity

Farmer Faith, A city girl's guide to urban farming

Sustaining Wellness

Well Said by Faith

Self-Sufficient in the City, A city girl finds balance between convience & sustainability

I like all of them, but it's hard to find something that encompasses everything I'll be covering. Do you have a favorite? I'll also consider any other bright ideas.


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