Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 Year in Review

In January we rang in the New Year with a house party at Kandis and Greg's.


I got a head start on my garden and found out I'd have to have surgery on my Old Man Toe.

We also finished our guest bath reno after oh, 7 months.


In February in preparation for my surgery we made a headboard so I'd have something comfy to prop myself up on.


I had surgery on my toe and that same week we also had snow that stuck to the ground for the first time in forever.


We were all very entertained during the halftime show of the Superbowl.


In March I did some purging and found some awesome stuff from my childhood.

I continued to recover from my surgery and celebrated my 29th birthday with a disturbing sight of some camels


and getting our butts kicked in laser tag by some 6 years olds.


April brought the greatness of food on a stick via Oyster Bake and NIOSA.


and then I went to an awesome charity wine event.


I ended April with a trip to Austin to see Matt Logelin.


In May I lost and then found my engagement ring at Home Depot.

I took a trip to Dallas and picked up the chickens


In June we complete the master bath reno

68 Vanity Installed

and got new furniture for the living room.

I also headed to Houston to see NKOTBSB for the first time.


and then Kandis and I had such a great time that we decided to go again in San Antonio a few days later.


We also had the 4th Annual Hinchman Olympics.


at the end of the month I lost my grandfather and embarked on a road trip with my parents to Indiana.

The chickens also started laying while I was gone. Oh and I also saw NKOTBSB a third time while I was in Indy. I just never posted about it.

August we started planning for our October European vacation - well at least I was planning the clothes.

I also had to take Midge to the vet after she suffered a dog attack. A hilarious story.

In September we celebrated our 4th anniversary,


went to a panda party for Stephanie's birthday


and celebrated Rosa's 30th.


In October we went on our big European trip. Not enough words! LOL

What's sad is that I don't have any posts in November about what we were up to. They were all about our trip. We did go to Wurstfest

My favorite part of Wurstfest.

and had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Part II

December brought lots of celebrations,


kicking Karl's ass in burrito eating,


and finally Christmas!


Happy New Year!

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