Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Dad Was So Not Impressed With This

I have three brothers, two of whom I grew up with. To say I'm not a girly girl would be pretty accurate, especially when I was younger. My little brother would tell you today that I could probably still kick his ass. Not that I was ever bigger or stronger than them, it was more about tenacity. I would just plain never give up. I'd win by wearing them out.

That leads to my slightly competitive streak. I'd probably be a sore loser if I ever lost. John is probably the only person I lose to so I can't really say. Remember when I almost gave up on knitting because I wasn't automatically awesome at it? Yeah, I probably have a problem. I am also a smack talker by trade and the easier it is to pick on you and prove to you that I can beat you the more I like you. That leads me to The Burrito Face Off.

See Julie's husband Karl is easy to pick on. He's a sports fanatic and loves his teams. So much he can't handle a joke about his favorite teams. Red Socks Who Karl? In fact I made quite a funny password for our Fantasy Football Team with him in mind. Please know it's all outta love. I like to joke that if I'm mean to you, it's because I like you. I was totally that little girl that would call a boy a name and punch him because I had a crush on him.

So Karl and I talk a lot about how much the two of us can eat (and if you didn't already know, I can EAT). Finally one day we decided to take the smack talking to the next level and right then and there set a date for The Burrito Face Off. We were going to go to Freebirds and eat a Monster Burrito, a 2 pound burrito. Whoever could eat it the fastest would win.


Last Saturday at noon Karl and I faced off. Julie was our judge and ensured that both burritos were made the same. We did have choice of tortilla, rice and meat. Otherwise all other toppings were the same.


The time included unwrapping the burrito and you also had to eat everything. So if a little grain of rice fell out of the burrito you had to eat it. Otherwise, just shove it in your face and whatever you do, don't throw up.

The winner was determined in just under four minutes.


Karl lost by about two bites.


I am the champion! Or as Karl said, "In the battle of Man vs Faith, Faith won."


and no I didn't eat for the rest of the day.


  1. That is hilarious! I don't think I could even come close to finishing a 2lb burrito!

    I'm one to also make fun of and be "mean" to people I like. I sure hope they realize this and don't take it personal.

  2. Congrats!!! Add that to your resume! :)


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