Monday, December 12, 2011

European Adventures - London the Final day

10.23 Sunday

It is hard to say exactly where Saturday ended for us and Sunday began. We leave Rome into the London area (Stansted) and then take a long bus ride into the area near the Westminster Palace so that Faith can have a picture where the Queen lives.

4 am visit to the Queen! I don't think she minded.



Obligatory Red Phone Booth photo



Westminster Cathedral - we stumbled upon it trying to find the bus to Abbey Road. Not to be confused with the Abbey.


While we have time in London we decide to hit Abbey Road and end up getting a free ride from a local just willing to help out. Thanks George!



Abbey Road

Writing on the wall





We decided to walk to our next tube stop, and while it seemed fairly close on the map, in reality it was a couple miles, and with luggage, it turned out to be quite a hike.

Maybe one day I'll post the pictures of my cankles. They had their own fat rolls.

What Londoners do so that tourists don't get run over trying to cross the street.


As it turns out, getting a good breakfast at 7am on a Sunday morning in London is not easy, so we had to settle for McDonalds. Another 2 tube rides and we are at London Heathrow and on our way back home.


Can you see the look of exhaustion on my face?


Vacation is always fun and exciting, but there’s no place like home.

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