Monday, November 28, 2011

European Adventures - Paris to Rome

10.20 Thursday

Even tired and a little hung over, Faith got me out of bed early enough that we could still make it to the Louvre, even though we had to cancel our plans to visit the Sacre Couer in daytime.

Parisian Breakfast of Champions

Pain chocolat and coffee




The Louvre is amazing and is something not to be missed, although it was really a shame that we only had about 3 hours there, when it would be easy to spend 2 or 3 days there to really soak in the entire complex. We made sure to meet with Emily and Jordan there, which was helpful because they had audio guides and Louvre guides on their phones to give us some additional information.

Venus de Milo


Winged Victory of Samothrace


Icarus maybe?


You know when you run into a crowd this large you're about to encounter a very famous lady.



Liberty Leading the People




The Coronation of Napoleon


Intervention of the Sabine Woman


What the Louvre used to look like during Medieval times.


A few metro rides after the Louvre and we are on our way to ROME.


Rome doesn't have public transport quite up to par with the other cities we have visited, so we paid a little extra to get a ride to our bed and breakfast.

Going to interject on John's story here - public transportation in Rome was fine. We did so much walking in Paris because after our run in with transit police in Prague John became a little anti-public transportation. However, we did fly into an airport outside of Rome and with the luck we'd been having with public transportation we decided to opt for the transit provided by our hotel instead. It was totally worth the 30 Euros too.

Before bed we explore our neighborhood a little and grab a fantastic pizza in the local restaurant, Cera una volta. Pizza and beer, just like home, only better.

Pizza & Beer. Just like back home, only better

Arrivederci, Rome!

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